The Local Strangers

The Local Strangers

The Local Strangers is a Seattle acoustic duo featuring Midwestern transplants Aubrey Zoli and Matt Hart. With soulful vocals and intricate harmonies, their poignant, honest, and relatable songwriting has distinguished them in the Americana/alt-country scene. They thrive on stage in an energetic display of passion for their music and create an unmistakable connection with every audience.

After departing from long term musical projects, Aubrey and Matt met in September 2010 and quickly realized that they shared a common musical vision. Just a month after meeting, they entered the studio to begin work on their debut EP – the day after their first show. The collaborative recording process brought together sensational talent and laid the foundation for The Local Strangers’ full-band sound. After releasing their EP on June 10th at Seattle’s historic Columbia City Theater, The Local Strangers embarked on a 3,000 mile West Coast tour and have garnered high praise from Seattle Weekly,,, and Indie Rock Reviews, among others.

The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door longs to sing about fantastic things. Since the spring of 2012, their name has been lingering in the background noise of the Seattle music scene, and this particular phrase, “fantastic things,” has quietly followed suit. No one in this aspiring chamber-pop band has known exactly what to make of the idea; it had been written in an early TCD bio with little thought. Still, the longing seems to persist. The urge to sing of grandeur endures without account.

But as these young friends—Sam (21), Honnah (22), Gabe (21), Colin (18), Kristianna (19), and Tennyson (20)—have journeyed through artistic infancy, they have found at least a bit of clarity in what might now be called their adolescence. (Clarity all but entirely owed to the support and the lifting by new friends in the Seattle scene). For example, they have found an odd stability in the swing and curve of Honnah’s piano. They have found safety in the creases of their own unique vocal texture, especially when the married notes take on a pervasive, intense edge. They’ve found mystery in plainness, and deep satisfaction in a brief silence.

These small moments and unspoken feelings do seem to be grounds for the fantastic, and those simple impressions also beckon the best companions. While listening to their songs, you may be joined by nostalgia and expectation—like walking through byzantine corridors of memory with tall windows of clear, hopeful plans on either side. You may feel both young and old and hurt and healed. From what can be gathered in words, the listener will indeed feel that familiar internal tweak by artistic exposure. But this tweak happily rests in what is contradictory, in those paradoxical truths, in the space between notes where meaning is beyond melody or lyric, but can simply be.

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