Ovid's Withering

Ovid's Withering is a musical unit that has been refined into their own identity through seasons of staying on their own two feet, and never settling for less than their best. With a firm DIY ethic that always has kept them at the most interpersonal level with their lively and interactive fanbase, they crafted a brand that keeps listeners involved in their universe even between musical releases. There's always activity behind the curtains of the Ovid's Withering camp, but the curtains are transparent enough for the faithful followers to never feel forgotten in the midst of the toiling songcraft. With a tight, intense live show, and a focus on clever songwriting over easily-forgotten showboating, they have won over many an audience. Such audiences have included crowds belonging to Periphery, Fleshgod Apocalypse, SepticFlesh, Kataklysm, Enfold Darkness, The Absence, Behemoth, Abiotic, Obscura, Born of Osiris, Six Feet Under, and The Black Dahlia Murder. With recently winning the Tampa chapter of Sumerian's Headbang For The Highway battle of the bands, plus increasing widespread interest and hype for their recently released EP titled 'The Cloud Gatherer', they can effortlessly prove themselves to be an engaging and entertaining musical force on both live and recorded platforms of delivery. While others dream, Ovid's Withering forges grandiose visions into tangible art. 2013 will see them moving forward on a larger scale than ever before, and the journey will be a regrettable one to ignore.

In a period where the majority of bands seem to limit themselves to one sound or genre, Sirens stands out as a group which is nearly impossible to label. The band, which consists of guitarists Jordan Caylor and Jordan Thralls, bassist Logan Pollaro, vocalist and mixing engineer Joey Fenoglio, and electronic composer and percussionist Zakk Huff, seamlessly weave between a unique blend of sounds. Rooted in progressive metal, drum and bass, and ambient soundscape, Sirens is heavy, agressive, syncopated, digital, self-reflective, atmospheric, and experimental. Between crushingly heavy dubstep, thunderous breakbeat, and intricate metal, Sirens will take their listeners on an unforgettable journey through a world of sound and expression, driven by rich, classical harmony, and jarring rhythms.

Abolish the Relics

Abolish The Relics is a modern metalcore band, which formed in early 2012. The band calls Camden County, Georgia home. After three months of writing, and rehearsing, ATR debuted, in the Jacksonville, Florida music scene, on June 16th, 2012. On September 1st, 2012, Abolish The Relics took part in a battle of the bands, and placed 2nd, out of around eight bands. This was only the band's third show.
On October 28th, 2012, ATR shared the stage with Thick As Blood, and King Conquer. Up to this point, the band was a six piece, running three guitarists. Behind the scenes, member issues, and differences, as well as decisions on the band's sound and future, were being dealt with. On December 5th, 2012, Abolish The Relics played with Volumes, Upon A Burning Body, and Veil Of Maya. This was the last show, with the original line up. After the show, the decision was made to drop down to just two guitarists, and to find a new front man. For the next two months, ATR worked on two new songs, to capture the style, and sound that the band was aiming for. The remaining members are: Kyle, Zach, Troy, and Nathan(Richoux). A friend of the band, Nathan Rafferty, began to fill in on vocals, so ATR could continue to do shows.
On January 20th, 2013, Abolish The Relics, took the stage, with Rafferty on vocals, as a part of the Exposed Music Festival's Wintour 2013. At this show, the band, and Rafferty, realized that they worked very well together, so plans were made to keep Rafferty as a "long term" fill in front man. ATR began preparing for their next big show, on February 18th, 2013, with The Air I Breathe, Sirens & Sailors, For All I Am, and Famous Last Words. It was evident at practices, leading up to this show, that the band's new direction, focus, and sound, were starting to really come together. The show proved to be another step in the right direction. ATR received tons of positive crowd feedback on the new sound, and style. After the show, it was determined that Nathan Rafferty would be the full time front man for Abolish The Relics.
"For the rest of 2013, I feel that we, as a band, want to continue to focus our sound, push forward to be the best we can be, and give friends, fans, and new crowds, music that they can, not just throw down to, but also relate to. I want to be able to look out from behind the drums, at every show, and see that new people are being captured by our songs. With these member changes, and style changes, I really feel that the band has matured, as a whole, and I am very excited to keep the momentum going!" - Zach Motes

Gross Evolution

In Too Deep

During an event in late 2007 now only known by the name, The Peach Eating, the two original members of In Too Deep, guitarist Stephan Garcia and drummer/vocalist Orion Burkiett brought their unique metal styling to the masses on the stage for the first time. Now, many shows later and joined by bassist Seth “Mertens” Osenkarski, In Too Deep continue their quest to bring pure metal to the citizens of Jacksonville, FL and of the world.

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