"Beach Day specializes in a beachy (duh), garage-minded breed of girl-group pop. Indeed, this wellspring goes back about 50 years, and lots of young acts are reviving it now, but this band's interpretation is so natural and incandescent that they make it feel completely fresh again. They have all the romantic nostalgia that you want from this fare but with just enough garage grit to be au courant. But their universal virtue is their rare melodic gift. Most of their ilk simply don't have the stunningly easygoing songwriting instinct that Beach Day does. And that's the difference. It's basic but it's everything. It's why all their songs sound like singles. Moreover, singer Kimmy Drake has the true voice of a girl-group leading lady, something like a young, white Ronnie Spector raised on punk."
~ Orlando Weekly

The Lifeforms

The Lifeforms consist of Jeff Flores, Steven Marshek, Daniel Ring, and Jon Dailey. The band can trace its origins back to when Jeff and Steven met and became friends in highschool and soon thereafter began playing music together. After high school, the pair gained experience by playing separately in various bands, and in 2011 started the Lifeforms as a threesome with friend Matt Arias on drums, soon joined by Joelton Card on bass. As this four-piece (though with Joel on drums and Matt on guitar), they recorded a 5-song demo titled "Ooo Cadillac."

In 2012, the band recruited a new drummer, Daniel Ring, whose steady backbeat and fluid fills gave the band a brand new sound. With Jeff on guitar and Steven on bass, the three recorded a more well-produced self-titled EP which included the hits The Number One and For Lovers Only which is now available for purchase upon request. In late 2012, in order to expand their sound, the band added ex-Monarchy V, Jon Dailey on bass, with Steven switching to guitar. It's this line-up which has begun to make a name for itself with rave reviews from around the Southeast.

Twin-fronted garage pop trio.

$7.00 - $10.00


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