The Home Owners

The Home Owners

"Let's make a plan", they said as they begun a 17 hour drive from Denver to Dallas. "We'll write all the songs this month, find the right studio, and have finished recordings by the summer". And that is what they did. Their debut cd set to realase October 13, 2012 at The Walnut Room.

Now we present to you: The Home Owners. Coles Whalen and Kim O'Hara form this two piece band, happily based out of Denver, CO. With combined experience of a gazillion years, they jumped on the fast track and are doing things their own way.

“It has been really exciting writing all of these songs together. I get to play all of my weird bass lines, help build the beats I want, and get used to playing guitar again.” says backup singer Kim O’Hara. Kim has played bass with several bands/artists, including Coles Whalen. “I think we just wanted to try something new. Something we could dance around to. This music is completely different from what Coles normally does but it has come very naturally to both of us.” Coles adds,“We are going to keep moving forward and see what happens. Eventually we hope to be able to go out on the road full time with both The Home Owners and Coles Whalen. Everything about this feels easy and I'm excited to get a little crazy out there.” Coles has been following the singer-songwriter path ever since she finished college. She sold everything she had and bought a camper to tour around the country. She has released 5 albums and has had the opportunity to open for a lot of big names.

So what does the music sound like? Think early day Dashboard Confessional mixed in with a touch of Tegan and Sara. A pinch of emotional value from The Weepies. Electronic beats inspired by bands like The Postal Service and Owl City.
Actually, they don’t sound anything like these bands, but they wouldn’t mind if they did.
It is just good ol' electro-acoustic feel good. 
So here it is. If you like it, pass it on.

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