Essence d'Ame, The Ivory Crown, The Seventh, DII

Essence d'Ame

Essence d'Âme came together in the spring of 2009 when hip-hop producer Ridiculous Nick and MC True Rhyme linked up with a common interest - starting a live hip-hop/soul band. Together they started searching far and wide for the most talented and diverse group of musicians they could find to complete their vision of a live band with passion, energy and soul. Turns out they were just around the corner.

Named Essence d'Âme, french for "The Essence of Soul", this new band had one mission - to prove to the doubters that hip-hop is music is alive - and more importantly - that hip-hop music is for everyone. This is one live show you shouldn't miss!

My name is D II, I am a lyrical driven hip-hop artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia currently residing in the Orlando, Florida area. I am on a continuing musical journey that has lead me all the way here, helped me get my degree from Full Sail University, and has introduced me to countless other musicians and people who are moved by music. A Sony A & R representative referred to my sound as the next thing after seeing me perform in the Contempt Records showcase. I believe each time I play that's its my responsibility to bring the records to life and create a visual for my audience. In addition, when I perform and create music I want to create a relationship with my listeners so they can come along on this very interesting journey that I am on thru music. I have really taken the opportunity of being on my own in a new city to make some extremely powerful records and have also had to chance to share the stage with some really great local acts such as the: Knots, The Plush Monster, Stimbulus Nimbulus, M.A.P.S, Case, 40 Long and plenty of others. I have really enjoyed meeting other musicians and exploring new genre's and becoming a fan of art just as much as I enjoy creating it. Playing at local clubs such as 57 west, The Meridian, Natura's, Scoop's, Tatames Sake Lounge people have been able to witness the passion I have for making good records with either a live band or with a DJ. After shows, I always love to shake hands and get to know people and allow people to get to know me. People have said that my style is similar to Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Nas. I have a very versatile and eclectic approach to music and do not feel that we should limit ourselves or establish musical boundaries. Music has been a way for me to express myself in ways never imagined and I hope to continue sharing that feeling with others all over the world.

$5.00 - $10.00


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