3 Inches Of Blood

Raised in hell, forged by fire and harder than Krupp Steel, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD are about to triumphantly return as one of the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal with their stunning new album, "Here Waits Thy Doom"! The new opus was tracked in Seattle's Sound House Recordings with renowned producer Jack Endino (Soundgarden, High on Fire, Zeke) and is soon to be hailed as the gospel of all things heavy.

"Here Waits They Doom" marks the recording debut of extremely talented drummer Ash Pearson that lends a whole new dynamic to the band's already lethal assault. This disc is also the first offering where Cam Pipes handles all vocal duties with Justin Hagberg adding some backups. Guitarist Shane Clark and Hagberg also laid down all of the bass tracks themselves, ensuring maximum shred on the album. Although the lineup is different, the aesthetic remains the same, and the technical proficiency surpasses that of the last record.

Shane Clark (guitars) states: "Our new album is finished and we've named it "Here Waits Thy Doom". Much like our last record it is a step beyond the album that precedes it. We've again taken what we do a step further and not made "Fire Up The Blades" part 2, we've stuck to our formula - no formula. We are true metal fans and we've made an unapologetic metal record. I think this our most focused record to date, from writing all the way to mixing there was no unnecessary drama or too many cooks in the kitchen. This is 3 INCHES OF BLOOD at its most punishing, epic and mighty."

Born out of a love for pure metal, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have been slaying the infidels of extreme music for nearly a decade. In that time, they've released three albums and toured with such acclaimed acts as Satyricon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Motorhead, Cradle of Filth or Exodus, just to name a few. With their last album, "Fire Up the Blades", they crafted a number of undeniable anthems that crash, rip and roar like a Medieval battleground. With their first album on Century Media Records, "Here Waits Thy Doom", 3 INCHES OF BLOOD now up the ante and will leave every metal fan crying iron tears of pure joy!

3 INCHES OF BLOOD represent everything that heavy metal was, is and will be about! "Here Waits Thy Doom" demonstrates that the best way to stay ahead of the heavy metal curve is to write music that comes from the heart and sounds nothing like the horde of bands tapping into the latest trends. To that end, they draw fuel from their favorite artists, including Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, UFO, and Rainbow and compile it all into their own deadly potion.

Take a running dive into The Blades, and find out.

Speedwolf: " This next song's about drinkin' the devil's blood, and killin' angels! I know I've been there . . . " Metal, oh metal.


Some fear change while others strive on. To the later, change be the spark that starts a wildfire of new ideas, new outlooks and new creativity. Such was the case with melodic death metallers, Starkill, when it came time to being work on their third LP, Shadow Sleep.

Starkill was formed outside Chicago in 2008 and self-released an EP and played throughout the Midwest before signing to Century Media records in 2011. Their debut album, Fires of Life, was released in 2013 with a follow up album, Virus of the Mind released in 2014. They’ve toured relentlessly throughout the world, having headlined throughout China, playing Europe with Amorphis and then Turisas and countless tours throughout North America, including Epica, Arch Enemy and the recently completed run with Ne Obliviscaris.

When it came time to begin working on Shadow Sleep, the band took everything they learned from being road dogs and bunkered down and recorded close to 20 songs in their home studio. They fined tuned, tweaked, cut the dead weight loose and picked their favorites, then played them live in the studio over and over, refining them some more. With their obligations with Century Media done, they reached out to their fans through an Indiegogo campaign and successfully raised the funding that would give them more studio time then they ever had before. The result of all this created their finest album to date.

Shadow Sleep is 13 tracks of melodic, majestic death metal. With Jameson’s over the top shredding and one of the tightest rhythm sections out there, it’s clear to see why they have such a loyal fanbase that supported the making of this album. Jameson further elaborates on the recording process, “we returned to Electrowerks Studio where Chuck Macak (Oceano, Letlive.) once again did the mix and drum recording and production, and Troy Glessner (August Burns Red, Devin Townsend) did the mastering. This album was the culmination of many tours and new experiences and knowledge, and in our opinion, marks the starting point where the true Starkill sound begins. We’ve finally found ourselves, our musical style, and finally have access to all the musical tools we’ve always wanted: two screamers, two male singers and newly featured on this record, the addition of a female vocalist.

It was bands like Nightwish and Epica that first got Jameson into metal. He previously wanted to write parts destine for a female voice but was unable to find anyone to his liking. After doing some digging and online forum hunting, Jameson met Sarah Lynn Collier, a singer from Rockford who had cited Tarja Turunen and Simone Simons as her prime influences and was already a fan of Starkill. Collier came down and did some preproduction with the band and Jameson discovered it was the exact voice that he had been longing for.

To Starkill, Shadow Sleep marks a new chapter for the band. A new approach to songwriting, new voices on the album and a new team behind them, the band is more invigorated than ever and ready to for whatever the future may bring.

Imagine a world besides yerown. A world with no Industry. A world with no Electricity. A world where magic and law were the same, and science was in the stars. Imagine yerself walking in a dark, grassy field, in the middle of a forest with trees so immense, you cannot see the sky. Fog covers the ground beneath yer feet, and glowing mushrooms tower above. Will 'o' Wisps fly around you. There's a stram up ahead, pouring into a small pond of glowing blue water. The color is amazing. You see a nearby furry creature drinking from it. Suddenly it hears a sound and runs. You remained silent, and turn around. In the mists a black armored giant, with two glowing green eyes is running toward you. His face covered with a skull. You don't know what to do. Then, from behind you, coming out from the stream, a naked woman, more beautiful than anything you've ever seen in yer life hands you a staff of gold. You take the staff and aim it towards the giant. You utter four words you've never heard of and fire spews from the crystal ball at the end of it. He explodes. You turn around and she's gone. You wake up.

Merlin is like that dream, only you'll never wake up.

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