Six Months to Live: Version 9

Six Months to Live: Version 9

The Metaphor (Part I): Starting up a band is like starting a new relationship. The first few months are pure bliss. After that it becomes a bit less exciting, and before you know it, a couple of years have passed and your entire foundation has been eroded by a mudslide of boredom, jealousy, lies, and broken promises.

The Manifesto: Six Months to Live is all about capturing the bliss and avoiding the consequences, because let’s face it, rock and/or roll relationships don’t all have to end in hell.

The Method: The musicians are divided into bands based on similar interests, geographic location, need, etc. After the groups are formed, each band has six months to prepare enough material for a one-off concert. This will be the first and last time the bands ever perform. After that, it’s over. No power struggles, no backbiting, no reinventions.

The Metaphor (Part II): It’s kind of like fantasy football. Your team could totally suck one year and dominate the next. By month four you could be thinking, “Performing the entire Beatles’ White Album in mime seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe next year we write a musical based on an incompetent mime troupe’s clumsy interpretation of the Beatles’ White Album.” The possibilities are limitless.

The Motive: The hope is to bring to life some of the ideas and side projects we’re unable to execute within the confines and shackles of our regular bands. For some this could mean trying a different instrument or writing in a different style. For others it could simply mean “not completely ruining music as an art form for generations to come.”

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