Walking Spanish

Walking Spanish

Walking Spanish is an original americana/rock band with deep vintage vibes and a captivating modern edge. The band brings a lush and layered sound, combining heart pumping rock and roll, americana and soulful blues with timeless poetic grace in a refreshing style that is all their own.

American Jubilee

A collection of young, professional musicians, American Jubilee cut their teeth moonlighting as the 'Terrapin Family Band' at Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Crossroads. They perform a mix of rearranged traditional Americana music and originals that draw inspiration from that same vein. Students of music history, American Jubilee tries to walk the same path that was first blazed by the likes of Levon Helm and Gram Parsons, and more recently has been furthered by musicians such as Ryan Adams or the Avett Brothers. While cemented by the core of Brian Lesh, Ross James, Scott Padden, Craig MacArthur & Alex Koford. American Jubilee often draws from the strong and growing population of young Bay Area musicians such as Grahame Lesh, Elliott Peck and Tommy Odetto, as well as more established talent such as Mark Karan and Jon Graboff, to create a communal, family style of music that is hard to find elsewhere.


Saffell is a sultry, funky, original singer songwriter from Northern California. Saffell uses live looping, layering percussion, bass, vocal harmonies and more to create a rich, full sound. What’s unique about Saffell is that he rocks the keys not the guitar. His soulful, percussive attack on the keys brings as much rhythm to each song as melody. This music will lift you up as sure as it creates a magnetic mood that comes over you sweet and lusty like the moon reflected in a swamp full of dark honey. Influenced by Beck, The Doors, Leon Russell, and more. Saffell brings a danceable groove and top shelf songwriting that will capture any audience.


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