Jared Saltiel: Album Release Show

Jared Saltiel: Album Release Show

Jared Saltiel’s The Light Within is a collection of "magical realist" songs, weaving cinematic orchestrations with interconnected narratives and esoteric imagery. Beneath the album’s surface layer of freewheeling yet accessible folk/rock lies a musical and narrative odyssey – and amid the virtuosic jazz breakdowns and dark, spacey textures, Saltiel’s lyrics and arrangements breathe life into exotic inner worlds and mysterious character sketches. The first installment in a series of ambitious concept albums, The Light Within is an abstract origin story, a deeply psychological work, and an entirely unique quest of self-discovery.

On Tuesday, May 14th at Littlefield, Saltiel will perform the entire album and all its intricate arrangements with the help of a string quartet, backup vocals, and a full rhythm section.

Jared Saltiel is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Brooklyn. His most recent full-length album was How the Cause Became the Cure, the eclectic 2009 debut of pop/rock quartet The Dirty Birds.

Tall Tall Trees

In a span of three short years, Tall Tall Trees has gone from bedroom recording side project to one of New York City’s most unique live bands. Bluegrass purists might shake a finger when lead singer and principal songwriter Mike Savino plugs his 5-string banjo into a series of stomp boxes and cranks up his amplifier but for fans, the results are strinkingly fresh and original. The band, which also features guitarist Kyle Sanna, bassist Benjamin Campbell, and eccentric percussionist Mathias Kunzli, has been honing it’s live chops performing at NYC’s Highline Ballroom, The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and most recently opening for jam band Donna the Buffalo.

Robin Bacior

Robin Bacior stepped off the plane from Northern California two years ago in New York. Like Joni Mitchell in reverse, she's letting New York's folk scene influence her Sunshine State upbringing. Her songs reveal a lyrically minded woman with a complex, evolving sound. She crafts folk vignettes softly painted in waltz timing.

At just 24, Robin's voice speaks of a much older soul. Originally hailing from Chico, Calif., a small but vibrant college town tucked amid rice fields and almond orchards in the northern valley, Robin cut her songwriting teeth in the small bars and coffee houses of her hometown before making the move east, taking to stages around New York City such as Mercury Lounge, Spike Hill and Union Hall.

Last fall saw the release of her debut EP, Aimed For Night, a four song collection recorded in her hometown of Chico, CA in May 2010. This spring we saw her first 7″, Man Before Me b/w Headless Sheep out on her own label, Consonants and Vowels Recordings a joint venture with her hometown friend and manager. The resulting music captured the attention of New York's folk scene with near lullaby-like compositions, lingering melodies and subtle harmonies abound. Live, fans will see Robin in a simple but intimate setting. Sprinkling refreshingly honest banter between songs, she's known to share what's exactly on her mind. When each songs starts though, you see the nerves fade, her eyes close and her beautiful voice rings out.

$8.00 - $10.00


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