Rescuer, The Greek Favourites


Rescuer was formed as a result of years of close friendship and a common vision. Vocalist JP Marra and drummer Chris Krause went to grade school together; after touring and performing with several other acts, they teamed up with fellow Tampa Bay musicians Danny Quinlan (guitar), Evan Miller (bass), and Michael Gorgen (guitar). The 5 piece had met while attending local shows and after forming Rescuer, wasted no time making a name for themselves in their hometown. Pooling their collective influences from bands like Envy, Modern Life Is War, and City of Caterpillar, Rescuer has formed their own brand of hardcore that feels not just fresh, but truly ambitious. They will release their Rise Records debut "With Time Comes The Comfort" later this year.

The Greek Favourites


Post-hardcore from Gainesville, Fl


got together in the fall of 2011 to form CAYETANO, an indie rock band based in Philadelphia, PA.

Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe

We spend vast amounts of money to record and press records on an outdated format; then travel around jobless to share our souls with you.


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