The Presets

Flicking through the alphabetised racks of your local CD emporium you'll find that releases from Australian electro wizards The Presets fit snugly between Pet Shop Boys and Elvis Presley. Could there be some weird universal synergy to this? The strident beat of the heart and the swagger of the hips: it's at this musical cross point of emotive technological peaks and primal caveman rock that one finds The Presets.

In 2008 The Presets (Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes) came rocketing back into the fray with their sophomore album, Apocalypso. Ranging from expansive, emotive techno, to future pagan house and choral space funk, Apocalypso demonstrated the band's undeniably canny knack for welding hook-laden pop to some of the most singular and exciting sounds of tomorrow.

At the end of 2010, Dragonette were looking forward to a quiet year. They had just finished touring their second album "Fixin To Thrill," had done a successful collaboration with house kingpin Kaskade and a Gaultier commission with Martina Solveig that landed on the charts across Europe. Their album had landed in the Top 10 in Canada, had spawned an Itunes "Single of the Week" in the USA and Australia, and they had finally made inroads as a touring act in the USA and the Americas, as well as such far-flung places as China, the Philippines and Paraguay, selling out the majority of their shows.

Just as they were about to jump in the studio to start work on their 3rd album (due Summer 2012), their second collaboration with Martin Solveig, "Hello," was launched into the world. It quickly became a hit in Europe, going #1 in Holland and Belgium, top 5 in France and Italy, and scraping the Top 10 in the UK. 2011 saw the record expand, selling over a million copies in the USA, becoming the most-played Canadian record in Canada, and becoming a hit on every continent. It has been synched over 100 times in the process, and the band have done a number of major TV appearances across the globe as a result.

Dragonette have an extremely strong presence on the web, with their videos being watched over 100 million times on youtube, and they have topped the influential Hype Machine chart 8 times, with the latest coming on Jan 1, 2012.

As a live band they have sold out shows on 5 continents, and done tours with Duran Duran, New Order and the Sugababes. They have also collaborated with Basement Jaxx, Cyndi Lauper, Nicola Roberts and Don Diablo, almost all of which resulted in hit records.

Born in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles, Classixx grew up to be a music school drop-out and a record label drop-out. Classixx are currently living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. They are currently single. Barely into their twenties, Classixx has begun defining a new sound for the Los Angeles electronic music scene. A refreshing change from the trance and techno inspired Electro that has been dominating dance floors, their Donna Summer'esque grooves have caught the ears of music aficionados, fans and artists alike. With recent remixes for groundbreaking artists such as Phoenix, The Ting Tings, Shiny Toy Guns and The Sounds their funky midtempo sound is turning heads everywhere. This summer they'll be releasing their single, "I'll Get You" featuring Jeppe (Junior Senior), as the debut track from the new collaboration between Kitsune Records and photoblogger Mark TheCobraSnake.

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