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Since the reign of the late great Bob Marley, Reggae music has crossed the seven seas and touched the four corners of the world. It has inspired millions while giving birth to a new and exciting way of modern musical life. It is this refreshing sound that Reggae sensation Mighty Mystic has captured in a most remarkable way. Mighty Mystic was born Kevin Holness to Morris and Sonia Holness in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Mystic′s passion for Reggae music was present from the early days of his childhood. Mystic′s mother often tells the story of how he would sing "What The Hell The Police Can Do" (a popular Jamaican song at the time) as the local policemen would pass by. He and his family relocated to Boston, MA and began a new life in a seemingly new world.

Though thousands of miles separated Mystic from his homeland it couldn′t separate him from his beloved Reggae music. Mystic used the distance as fuel for the fire that was burning down deep inside his soul. He became heavily involved in the Hip Hop Movement that was sweeping the Nation in the 90′s and soon found a fit for his passion. By the age of 13 Mystic and his brother Stephen quickly made names for them self on the local urban scene and began visioning something greater. The next several years Mystic focused on developing his craft, he spent countless hours in the studio, performed on every local show and emerged as an artist on a mission. Mystic set his sights on the National level and began planting his roots other markets.

By 2001 Mighty Mystic had a National underground buzz. However, in 2003 he landed on the worldwide Reggae radar with "Been So Long" a single featuring Dancehall duo Tanto Metro & Devonte. This early success allowed Mystic to tour the U.S while still recording and developing his craft. Several highly acclaimed releases brought even more attention to the movements of Mighty Mystic. This included interest from Willie Daniels then A&R of VP Records, who featured Mystic on several "Riddim Driven" compilation albums. These albums allowed DJ's all over the world to have a variety of Mystic′s music to play on radio and in the clubs. Mystic′s achievements that year were crystallized when Jamaica popular news magazine, The X-News dubbed him "The simmering volcano who is about to explode."

In 2004 Mighty Mystic returned to Jamaica for a series of performances, interviews, and a video for his then single titled "Black People Anthem". Upon returning to the states, Mystic was more inspired and driven than ever. He set a bar of musical standards for himself vowing never fall below, and striving to re-raise at every given opportunity. In 2005 the then 23 year old Mystic teamed up with producer Mike Cip and began working on the early stages of Mighty Mystic's Album. They were only three songs into the project when Mystic and his producer found themselves with a potential hit song titled "Riding On The Clouds".

"Riding On The Clouds" proved to be as triumphant on the charts as it was in the studio, and sat on top of Reggae and Urban radio, charts for the majority of 2006. A successful tour followed culminating with Mystic performing on Boston's Summer Jam 06.

For his efforts Mystic won several Awards/Titles including "Artist of the Year" and "Rising Star". A series of magnificent songs would follow including "Better Times" ft his brother Stephen Thunder, "Revolution", "Fire town" and the 2008 mainstream, club anthem "Here I Am" which featured Reggae POP Icon Shaggy. Mighty Mystic could also be seen on TV as MTV JAMZ played his "Here I Am" video globally. Mystic has managed to do something that few Reggae artists living in the U.S have ever done; he has been able to have and maintain an ever growing and thriving career despite not living in Jamaica. Mighty Mystic can be described as a charismatic man on a mission; he′s gone from being a fan of Reggae to a contributor of the art. His diversity has allowed him to cultivate a wide and loyal following. Fans from all over can all testify that Mighty Mystic always rocks the house, whether he's performing with band or backed by a DJ. Mystic′s sound is something new yet has a vibe of something old and possesses the makings of something timeless and legendary. No matter the mood, you are sure to find something greatly appealing with Mighty Mystic′s music. This is evident in his more recent recordings "Hero", "Free", and "Slipped Away".

Mighty Mystic is preparing for a summer 2010 release of his highly anticipated debut album "WAKE UP THE WORLD" on iTunes. Mystic says; "My album can be summed up with one word, UNIVERSAL. Music is life and life is very broad, so I wanted to design something that can suit all people that was my mission". The first single off of the Album titled "Get Pon Di Floor" ft Elephant Man has already been released and is generating a buzz worldwide. Mighty Mystic is poised and ready for what lies ahead.


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