Religious Girls

Religious Girls

Religious Girls are a diverse group of multi-instrumentalists, with each member hailing from separate musical backgrounds that ranges from metal to noise to math rock and pop. Using their talents, Religious Girls focus thier energy into creating beautiful harmonies and layering them over intricate percussive ryhthms. Preferring to play on the floor near listeners rather than a distant stage, they feel that no matter how high of quality a recording may be the live set is what moves people, and therefore focus on creating intimacy with the crowd. Collectively, the band has tried to push aside the standards of popular song writing with non-repeating structures, an intricate mathmatical style, and a carefully laid out set in which all songs are interweaved into one. Religious Girls offers an intense and dramatic set, leaving viewers in awe by the end of the performance.

Oakland quartet that could be the Bay's own Animal Collective. "As they began their set, my whole perception of noise and music was completely blown out of the water. Religious Girls took the rhythmic pounding of HEALTH and the tropical loveliness of High Places and made it their own, a completely new sound that was as beautiful as it was harsh and brutal. ... The manipulated vocals through the microphones and the call and response keyboard and drum melodies amazed me and captivated me in the best way. They were absolutely fucking terrific." --KEXP Blog

San Francesca

San Francesca is:
Star Quach
Cody Rhodes
Harrison Russell

Split Screens

Split Screens is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jesse Cafiero. Born out of the inspiring move from the east coast to San Francisco, Split Screens began as Jesse's creative outlet on the side, slowly taking it's shape while he was busy making his name in San Francisco as a bass player, sharing the stage at times with the likes of Thao Nguyen, John Vanderslice and Sean Hayes.

Crafted entirely at the enigmatic Coyote Hearing Studios in Oakland, CA, Split Screens' debut self-titled EP was produced and engineered by Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine, Ferocious Few). Highlighting the unique voice of the lap steel guitar, Jesse sang and played the majority of instruments on the record, along with the talents of drummer Rory O'Connor (Tycho, Com Truise) and vibraphonist Geneva Harrison (Rachel Goodrich, DRMS). The result is a dreamy compilation of songs blending between the themes of life and loss, at moments trance-like and reflective, at other times driven with cacophonous intensity.

The Hoot Hoots

Bunny suits and super heroes. Rainbow cloaks and Vader onesies. Fuzz, synths, sing-a-longs, and yes more fuzz! Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots bring all that and more as they pledge allegiance to the United States of Have-A-Good-Time, and its obvious in both their live shows and in their two 2011 full length releases, Silly Lecture Series and Appetite for Distraction.

In reviews of their live shows and albums, the Seattle Weekly has compared them favorably to the Shins, the Deli Seattle Magazine has praised them for their "flashy, out-of-control pop sensibilities," and countless audiences from venues across Seattle can bear witness to their dedication to creating a fun, energetic performance. Think vintage Flaming Lips with a splash of NES and a dash of the Unicorns and you get the idea.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Prairie grew up with his brother/drummer Chris in the middle of Midwestern corn fields in Clifton, IL. The two played whiffle ball and Nintendo, watched the original Star Wars trilogy obsessively, and learned to play guitars, drums, and Casio keyboards in the bedroom they shared for most of their formative years.

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