Last Sunday's, School of Brock! (6pm)

School of Brock! (6pm)

Rayner Brock is a vocalist/musician/songwriter, excellence is his standard. Blues Funk Rock and Fusion! Starting with the electric bass and flowing from there to voice and guitars. For many years a dedicated side-man, but has now found within himself a strong and musical singer-songwriter on acoustic or electric guitars, and a well rounded engineer/producer getting great results in his digital studio. Rayner is working musician. He’s recorded music with Mike Varney, Danny Uzilevsky, Matt Silva, and Rayner performs/records with many other amazing artists as well! Originally from Fairfax CA…..

The Continentals (9pm)

Phil Hardgrave plays guitar and sings lead vocals and has the best voice around . He's from Texas originally but has lived in Forrest Knolls the last 30 years. He also is an exceptional guitarist.

Bruce Lacey plays upright bass and lives in San Anselmo. Sings harmony on most songs.

Brian Fischer plays drums and has lived in Fairfax since 1980. Formerly with Rob Robinson band, also played with Buddy Owen, Jeb Brady and many other acts.



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