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On Telegraph

On Telegraph writes music and lyrics inspired by the history of San Francisco, from the gold rush era to the Great Earthquake of 1906. They have written songs about: Lillie Hitchcock Coit, Samuel Brannan, Emperor Norton and a 6 song mini-musical about James Lick. They have also tackled lesser-known characters such as Asbury Harpending, Willis Polk, and James "Shanghai" Kelly. This historical backdrop has created a focused and cohesive sound that is clearly on display on their debut album, “The Great Diamond Hoax”. All the members of On Telegraph first met each other while playing in other San Francisco based bands. Dave Parker (Company Car), Pat Scanlan (Cervantes, The Rec Set), David Walker (Murray the Thief) Emily Stewart and Kenny Aber (Instar) came together to create a sound that pulls from their many influences in rock, indie, pop, and americana.


Dialectic is an indie pop-rock band from San Francisco, playing music we like for people like us. (And everyone else, too.)

Sara Routh

She's an ornery, Iowa born, gypsy girl who has traveled the world playing in and out of incredible traditional and non-traditional venues. One of her favorites… on the curb to the homeless at 4am in Shanghai, China.

Music, to her is the most incredible language. One in which everyone on Earth can comprehend. There is no need to study a Rosetta Stone in order to be touched by this style of communication. From Australia to Nepal; men, women and children are moved by the sounds of music.

She has been blessed with musical blood and it drives me to live. To seek truth. To feel sadness. To understand loss. To teach the unknown. To accept failure. To praise justice. To express. To trust. And most of all to love.

As a musician/writer, she has chosen her pen, her voice and mher guitar as my lovers… along the way she continues to write her story and wants to share it with you. This is what she does. This is who she is, and she wants you to all be a part of it with her.

Believe in yourself, for you are who you want to be.


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