Hellstomper, The Beatdowns, Self Made Monsters, The Flat Tires, Dirty South Revolutionaries


country/punk/southern rock from rock spring, georgia

The Beatdowns

The Beatdowns are an Oi! band formed out of North Carolina in 1997. They did a shit ton of shows, put out some demos and recorded an album that will never see the light of day, as well changed lineups more times than the UK Subs ever dreamed of! BUT.....now, they're back with a stable lineup and are writing new songs and once again booking shows!

Self Made Monsters

Self Made Monsters were hatched from Eddie's subterranean habitat in the mid 1990's. None of them had even considered playing an instrument until boredom and their disappointment with the music scene inspired their formation. Call it what you like, punk, garage, rock n roll, shit, great, noise, unbearable, but the band continues to strike a cord with audiences everywhere. The Self Made Monsters have released two 7"s and one full length album on Brain Drain Records.

The Flat Tires

North Carolina's favorite hellbillies!. Watch in awe as they unleash a fury of ass-kicking, nitro honky tonk that turns the trailer upside down like a tornado spinning full of combat boots and concrete blocks!

Dirty South Revolutionaries

Dirty South Revolutionaries came together in the winter of 2004 in Charlotte, Nc. Each member had been
in other high-profile local bands based out of the queen city, but none had found their real niche in the
scene before DSR.
In February 2005 DSR went to The Milestone, a
favorite local club, to watch American Distress. After bumming the band's equipment for an impromptu
after-show set, DSR took American Distress to a typical Charlotte after party at the South Side Punx house. Apparently, one night of their antics and a short demo was all it would take to convince Tent City Records that a recording session was in order. Six months later their first album was rendered. Birthed of the
eclectic influences of DSR's unique members, spawned from the filthy streets of Charlotte, NC, prepare to have your ears assaulted by the sweet sound of The Dirty South!
Over the years DSR has endured ongoing member changes. They could have anywhere from three to seven members on stage at any given show.
With new members and new songs DSR focuses on live shows and touring.



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