Joint Damage, Broken Water, Blossoms, Ghost Trees, Bell-Power

Joint Damage

Three men spurring the birth of abrasive harmonious punk destruction in the vapid wasteland of Charlotte, North Carolina. IF WIPERS=PORTLAND and GISM=TOKYO, Joint Damage are the Midway Islands. HOOKS, DEVASTATION, PODER PURO Y DURO. members of Yardwork, Great Architect, Meat Group, Brain F, Control & Logic Problem.

Broken Water

BROKEN WATER is a three piece band from Olympia, WA formed in August 2008 and heavily influenced by the local music scene there from the 1990's to present. Two members of Olympia's SISTERS (Parts Unknown Records) and one member of Congratulations make up this band. In August of 2009 they self released a two track 7 inch with DIY letterpress packaging and a 6 song demo CD. In March 2010 the full length "Whet" was released on vinyl by Night People, and on CD by Radio is Down. Demo songs were put out on cassette tape shortly after by Night People. A 7" 45rpm record was recently released (August 2010) on Fan Death records. Expect future singles and full lengths in the months to come.


Sprouted from solo project remains, boredom, and strong desires to perform at proms and birthday parties...

Blossoms are a quartet from Charlotte, NC and have played shows and/or won the affection of:

Youth Lagoon, Brain f#, Lonnie Walker, Quiet Hooves, Future Islands, Bubbly Mommy Gun, The Curious Mystery, tonstartsbandht, The Hive Dwellers, Still Corners, Paint Fumes, Human Pippi Armstrong, Ed Schraders Music Beat, Joan of Arc, Naked Gods, Eternal Summers, Brilliant Colours, The Beets, Yardwork

Ghost Trees

Bringing the fire back to jazz since 2012, the sound found freedom discovered off the eastern coast. Interstellar space is now.


Ross from Moenda.

$5.00 - $7.00


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