Gut Feeling, Columns, Hectagons!, Riptide

Gut Feeling

Raleigh, NC hardcore/punk from members of Undying, Catharsis & Nightbear.


Columns formed in 2003 as an instrumental act with Jason Skipper on drums, Jake Wade on bass, and Jake Troth on guitar. The band didn't have a singer because they couldn't find one. In 2004, Adam Cody from the band Glass Casket joined as vocalist. In 2006, they released a 3 song self-titled EP. Shortly after, Jake Troth left the band to go to school. After a short hiatus, John Stone joined and they recorded a 5 song EP in 2008. Stone left in 2009, and the band played a few shows with fill-in guitar player Sam Fleming (Zeus/Exploding Horse) for the next year.

The 7 song album "Just Another Species" was recorded in 2010 with Skipper handling the guitar duties. Michael Lehmann, guitarist from legendary gore-grinders Hemdale, played guest guitar on a couple of the tracks. In 2011, Lehmann joined the band.

HECTAGONS! was started near the end of the year 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina by Wyley Buck Boswell (of Hell Or High Water, Appalucia, Andy The Door Bum, etc...) and Richard Edwin Culp (of Zeus, The Pelicans, Andy The Door Bum, For Disaster, Hot House Hefftones, Pig Mountain, etc...) after the end of their band Clavius ( In the summer of 2009 Korey Dudley (of Abe Reid & The Spikedrivers, Tropic Culture, Afrojazziacs, American Fetus, etc...) joined on upright bass and HECTAGONS! was born. Many songs are written like "Get It On, Bang A Hectagon", "Hectagons On Holiday a.k.a. Beast Feast!", "Hectagons Love Trashy Women", "Hectagons All Night Long", "Hectagons In Hospitals a.k.a. Spicy Christ And The Beaver Ruin All Stars", "Hectagons Reject The Call a.k.a. Please Hang Up And Try Again", "Hectagons Spank Out The Gate", "Hectagons In Space", "Hectagons Go West a.k.a. A Honky Tonk Angel (To Hold Me Tight)", "Speedy Hectagonzales", and more. Since the Summer of 2009 HECTAGONS! has shared the stage with Birds Of Avalon, Fight Amp, Grids, Maserati, Twin Tigers, Scapegoat, 25 Minutes To Go, The Have And The Have Nots, MonstrO, The Lights Fluorescent, Junior Bruce, Death Becomes Even The Maiden, The Lesser Pauls, Zeus, Sundrone, For Disaster, 2013 Wolves, Andy The Door Bum, Pain After Death, Shroud Eater, The Vessel, The Emotron, Sign Of The Southern Cross, Bo White, The Art Department, Culture Prophet, PPR, Treephort, Planet Piss, Husky, Radio Taiwan, Arsonists Vs. Arborists, Boolow, Southside Punx, and more. PLEASE KEEP LISTENING! best heard at the loudest possible volume...


Riptide has been a 3 piece since 7th or 8th grade. They've always had a love of reggae, ska, punk, rock, hip-hop, blues, you name it they've tried it. Sophomore year of high school they chose to be labeled "Riptide" as they're influence and love of street reggae grew. Starting slow and really having no idea how to start, they started playing around at different venues. Slow but steady wins the race. With they're love of shows, and just being on stage, Riptide is definitely a great vibe type of band to hear and dance to and with their punk, you won't want to stand still.

$5.00 - $7.00


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