Black Bear Tribe

Lusty and adventurous, Black Bear Tribe is an homage to rock's classic and blues roots, while also amalgamating its brashness with its capacity for beauty. Whether the hulking trudge of hard rock or the finespun thread of folk music, Black Bear Tribe is a bold cry in the wilderness.

Sam Perry's guitars growl with a banshee-echo through leafy canopies; Trevor Ezell's drums thunder the shamanistic whisper; and Jeff Hechler brings the funky crawl; while Jason Kraft is a sonorous prophet for the ages, whose voice recalls the grit of rock's pantheon. Though the band only recently formed in 2012 and three of its members are newcomers to New York City, Gotham will soon get a hefty earful as the band looks to add numbers to its tribe.

The Nebraska Jones Experiment

Danielle and Jennifer

Danielle and Jennifer are sisters who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started singing and acting professionally at the young ages of 3 and 6 years old. Danielle (born 12/28/91- now 21) was “Young Cosette” in the Broadway show Les Miserables for 2 years and 9 months and Jennifer (born 07/29/95- now 17) has been on “Law & Order” and “All My Children”.

They have a long list of experience of years on Broadway (Les Miserables, Tale of Two Cities, Broadway Kids, etc.), Off Broadway (House Of Bernarda Alba, The Alchemist, A for Adultery, etc.), TV (“Law & Order”, “All My Children”, “Guiding Light”, etc.), Commercials (Numerous National Commercials such as Wendy’s (Wendy’s Family Series), Kodak, Campbells, AT&T, Lowe’s, Spaghettios, Franceso Rinaldi, etc.), Voiceovers (Blue’s Clues, Lowe’s, Spaghettios, Volvo, Royal Caribbean, etc.), Jingles (Pepsi, Hess Truck (also in spanish), Charmin, Curad, Nickelodeon, etc.), Film (LBS, Corn, Olivia, etc.), Readings (Night of The Hunter, Tale of Two Cities, etc.), Print (Sears, Boscovs, Child Magazine, etc.).

Danielle and Jennifer are now in the process of recording their first full length album as professional recording artists.



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