Freddy Rosario

Freddy Rosario

Freddy Rosario has a smooth voice and his soulful, inspirational R&B sound is a real crowd pleaser. With a mix of smooth jazz & gospel Freddie appeals to a wide range of audiences and never disappoints.

Prophet Rosario, humbly known to many as “Pastor Freddy”, is a God fearing vessel, able and willing to be used for the uplifting and building of the Kingdom of God. He is a world traveler
and an accomplished recording artist. However, his personal mantra is “What doeth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” (Matt: 16:26)

At an early age, Bro. Freddy Rosario started experimenting with substance that abused his body. As time went on, he started in the music industry, singing and touring on cruise lines professionally. This fast-paced life exposed him to even more drugs and alcohol. Soon,
the addiction to these substances was one more problem to deal with. In and out of drug rehabilitation center, he was living a life that appeared to have no end. Bro Freddy had several near death experiences during this dark time in his life. The last visit to the rehab center, he fell on his knees and ask God to reveal himself.

Disgusted and nearly at the end of hope, Bro. Rosario found himself on the steps of Trumpet In Zion Fellowship, Inc. in the city of Augusta, Georgia, under the leadership of Apostle Darryl G. McCoy, Sr. That night, he made the decision to give trust God to reveal himself ---he received the gift of salvation.

As time went on the gift made room for him and the call to evangelize filled his soul. With heartfelt desire, he returned to the places he used to frequent to bring hope and deliverance to others. This time, ministering the Word of God through the power of the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of God, Bro. Rosario has gone into the hedges and forgotten places to preach the Word of Life. Through the years he has grown in the faith, and obtained a greater understanding of the Ministry of Jesus Christ. He is truly a man after God’s own heart.

The Lord has anointed him to walk in the office of an Evangelist, Prophet, and a Pastor. Under the leadership of Apostle Darryl McCoy, Sr, he has been assigned to lead the Trumpet In Zion Fellowship, Inc. flock in Jacksonville, Florida. God has blessed him with a wife and four
children and many adopted children in the gospel.

Pastor Freddy Rosario has a life changing ministry. His focus is to obey God, and yield his vessel to the Holy Spirit. Many have been healed and made free from the bands of wickedness that have consumed their lives.


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