J.P. Harris and Joe Fletcher

J.P. Harris and Joe Fletcher

Having hit the road at the young age of 14, J.P. Harris has been living the songs he writes for well over a decade. With a guitar always in his hands, he began playing and singing early country standards around sheep-herding camps in the southwest, and later in hobo jungles and on freight trains across the country. Living and working the past ten years as carpenter, logger, apple-picker, banjo-builder, busker, and a slew of other low-paid, dirty-handed trades in rural Vermont, J.P. decided to take to the road once again as the neon and stage lights beckoned relentlessly.

With no more than a few months at age twelve of music instruction, J.P. Harris is truly a self-taught player and songwriter...his songs are simple recollections of the many paths he's trod; heartbroken & heartbreaker, gentleman & lowlife, home-bound working man & listless wanderer. With a rare ear for authenticity, J.P. pens Honky Tonk ballads ranging from destitute pleas of the drunkard to upbeat barroom anthems, always maintaining a simplicity and sharp wit only found in a road-worn author.

Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons is an Americana band that began in Providence, RI in 2005. In the center of this revolving cast of musicians, songwriter Joe Fletcher remains at the helm of this country blues-based outfit while still playing many solo acoustic shows throughout the land every year.

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