The indie electro-pop duo Midi Matilda has barely begun their career yet has already made a permanent impression on the music community. The Bay Area outfit exploded onto the online scene with dozens of enthusiastic mentions about their debut single, “Day Dream,” including The Huffington Post and Neon Gold Records, which propelled them to an impressive near-top placement on The Hype Machine. In addition, the accompanying self-produced music video for that single, has garnered extensive positive attention across varied media formats that includes radio, as well as online.

Midi Matilda was born of gifted musical poets Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé, who serendipitously met in college in 2008, while learning the production skills they would ultimately use to form this innovative and self-contained project. They have been making music together since, and ever evolving in their collaborative sound. Their refreshing style brings together the best of live instrumentation, synthesizers, gorgeous vocals, and the open spaces of consciousness, to take all who listen on a journey into the ether.

Dave Tweedie and Oona Garthwaite met in Oakland in 2009 and have been writing music together ever since. Weaving retro synths, anthemic guitars and a downright earthly voice into some seriously good songs, this magnetic songwriting duo make infectious indie rock as heard on their springtime 2013 EP Flying at the Sun.


HOLYCHILD aren’t exactly surprised that in the last few years their brand of brainy effervescent tunes have caught on. Pleased yes. Honored? Of course. But given the way the social trends have been bending, neither member find it shocking that music fans are craving substance.

It’s Brat Pop, the glittery blend of electronic beats and tell-it-like it is lyrics that Liz Nistico and co-writer/producer Louie Diller perfected with their debut album The Shape of Brat Pop to Come. It’s a potent blend that’s alive and well on their newest offering, the five song EP, America Oil Lamb. The collaboration EP features the talents of Kate Nash, RAC, Mereki, Tkay Maidza, MS MR, and Kitten. The release sees the Los Angeles duo stretching their signature sound showcasing them and showing their influences of alt-rock, hip hop and R&B.

“We felt we could stretch more on this record, since each song is a collaboration,” Diller muses. “It was fun to explore and show different sides of us on the EP…I think Liz’s voice and me producing/mixing most everything helps tie it together though, so there’s still a HOLYCHILD vibe.”

As with any HOLYCHILD outing, the theme here is equality: be it gender, racially or economically based. Over the course of five songs, the artists take on a myriad of topics, including toxic relationships in our commercial world (“Rotten Teeth”), the shallowness of celebrity idolization (“Not Invited”), and corporate America drowning our emotions (“America Oil Lamb”). It should come as no surprise that both members proudly refer to themselves as feminists—a word that they’re proud to embrace. 



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