The Wiscoholics, Tribal Call, The Kundelas, Brian McKay

The Wiscoholics

Erik moved to madison and played for a couple bands. He met Ben at a local punk show. Ben liked Erik's tunes. Wiscoholics was born. Line up changes happened for about 7 months, a drummer was all that lacked. Troy, Erik's brother said lets rock, I need a project. Now we are kicking ass and taking names straight from the capitol of Wisconsin. Madison! After rocking for about a year, the band broke up, but Erik kept on. Adding Dr. Badger on drums, who moved all the way from Rhinelander, and Miller Beer on bass, Wiscoholics have made a sound change and have been rocking out since.

Tribal Call is an international Metal Punk Rock band based in Madison WI, USA. We created a new sound to set the bar for a new unique genre: Psycha-Punka-Triba-Funka. Our music blends tribal/rock beats and twists them into new modern sounds.

This band has the ability to play Latin Rock too. The group is described as possessing energetic beats and strong showmanship. We want to be on tour, having
a good time with everyone for the rest of our lives. Psycha-Punka-Triba-Funka!!!!!

We released the EP "A Bleeding $ Game" in 2009. We also released "Bipolandia" in 2011. We are currently working in our 2nd EP which has been recorded at The Blast House and Tutto's Studios in Madison.

For our current project we teamed up with our friend and producer Dave Poler from The Hit Factory-Criteria and with Dustin Sisson from The Blast House to create a new album.

The Kundelas

Beer-soaked, turned-on, screwed-up punk rock'n'roll

Brian McKay

Sounds Like: The Ramones, The Cars, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Green Day

Bio: I play solo mostly. No one likes playing with me. And they all get lost somehow. That's why they're the Milk Carton Kids. Get it? I was born, I've been living for around 25 years, eventually I'll probably die.


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