The Warlocks

Time isn’t constant or concrete. It’s made of color and shade. Time flows, blurs and fades away in dim morning light. Time melts. And The Warlocks are the ecstatic, hazy, foreboding, holy tick tock of time that isn’t anything at all. For five albums, The Warlocks have lived in between and beyond minutes and hours. Sway to The Warlocks live and loud and songs will drift and envelop each other like fog. Listen to the records and you’ll hear soundtracks to fuzz-freaked, bacchanalian stomps, pre-dawn city prowls, sleeping late with new crushes, and the elation and exhaustion that wash in and recede deep in the wee hours. But there is vivid focus too. Throbbing bass lines, distant rolling thunder drums, and zombie rattlesnake shake are a heartbeat of strange, ominous vitality. Guitars howl, slash and bounce like light. Bobby Hecksher’s vocals sound oddly alone and unsettlingly intimate all at once. And just when you think you understand the sum of these sonic elements, they become something else entirely…The Warlocks are working on a new album and it will be released sometime in 2013 on Cargo Records.


A band from the bowels of Los Angeles.

Danish/American band Gliss makes a huge departure from their old sound on the new record Langsom Dans which is gathering comparisons to Beach House, Crystal Castles and Lower Dens. The LA based trio, consisting of Victoria Cecilia, Martin Klingman and David Reiss, pour their collective musical imaginations into recording timeless art pop with a precise Scandinavian texture that steps away from their previous work. The 12-track LP features heavy synths and electronic beats with Danish expatriate, Victoria Cecilia, stepping into the role as lead singer. The passionate vocal harmonies dictate the recordings with stories of coming out of the darkness into a new life, bringing to mind The XX, Portishead and Depeche Mode.

the Spyrals

San Francisco is brimming with psychedelic music of all flavors, but The Spyrals have managed to rise above the hazy cloud of garage-psych resting on this city’s landscape as one of the premiere rock and roll bands. A handful of records later, including two EPs and an eponymous debut album, the band has honed a raw sound that is both dizzying and entirely danceable at the same time, not to mention created with a stripped down instrument repertoire of drums, a bass and a guitar. The three-piece outfit has finished recording its second LP, due to be released in late spring on Mock Records. - The Bay Bridged

Spirit Vine

L.A. band Spirit Vine have been making their own special kind of witchy rock & roll-the kind of thing you think of when you hear Beefheart growl about coming outta the desert" (LA WEEKLY/ Chris Ziegler)

The Hallucinationsare an American rock n’ roll band formed in Los Angeles, California by founding members Michael Eng (guitar/vocals) and Marco Cortes (bass guitar). The band’s music revolves around the songwriting of Michael Eng with key contributions from Danny Winebarger (guitar/vocals), Johnny Sleeper (drums) and Marco Cortes. The Hallucinations’ virgin single will be available in limited quantities early Q2, 2013 on 12” vinyl.

The best psychedelic, 60s garage, pop, and heavy hits DJ by D.M. Collins

The Hallucinations

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