The Spencer Bell Legacy Benefit Concert

The Spencer Bell Legacy Benefit Concert

Spencer Bell Legacy is a benefit concert that celebrates the life of Spencer Bell, a talented artist who lost his life to Adrenal cancer at the young age of 20. Featuring performances by his friends and former band members, the proceeds will benefit the Spencer Bell Legacy fund to further awareness of Adrenal cancer and keep Spencer’s music and art alive.

Anna Wang and the Oh Boys!

Playful, fun, and somewhat irreverent, Anna Wang and the Oh Boys! rock out to good old fashioned pop/rock, with clever lyrics and catchy hooks, drawing influences from sex, emo kids, Phil Spector, 60s pop, 70s pop, soda pop, lollipops, gumdrops, flip flops, sock hops, and many other wonderful things.

Lea Haworth

Lea Haworth plays the guitar and sings. She sometimes forgets the words, but the ones she remembers are mostly in tune. Her CDs are very reasonably priced.

Melissa Evans

Funky Motown soul straight from Detroit with music that has been described by some as Acoustic Lushness. Music from the heart with witty stage presence makes Melissa Evans charming to all who watch.

Pink Fuzzy Animals

Fresh off a full US and European tour last year, playing sold out shows, the band formerly known as "100 Monkeys" is a fun and funky rock and roll band with dance worthy music. They were one of LG's "Ones to Watch" bands for 2011. Pink Fuzzy Animals are known to switch instruments and vocalists nearly every other song during their raucous, theatrical live sets. Loaded up on bongos, horns, and good vibes, they swap instruments and spontaneously create music that’s influenced by everything from Tom Waits, to David Bowie, to their late friend Spencer Bell.

Rob Coonrod

Rob “Fire” Coonrod is a guitarist, singer and songwriter hailing from Interlochen, MI. He studied guitar at Interlochen Arts Academy and then at CalArts and has taken influences from his many travels abroad to Europe and South America. Rob is currently living in Los Angeles playing and recording solo material as well as with his prog/funk band, Three Trees, and as the lead guitarist for Pink Fuzzy Animals.

the Still Tide

Hailing from the shores of Olympia and Seattle, the Pacific Northwest native transplanted herself to Brooklyn and threw herself into the heat of its bursting music scene in 2008. With her career shifting and pitching about on the surface, the only steady line that held her fast was playing music and relentlessly writing songs.

The Stevedores

Led by the late Spencer Bell, The Stevedores formed in the basement of their house in Fleetwood, NY. The five original members [Spencer Bell (vocals and lyrics), Jake Miller (guitar), Ben Johnson (drums), Shawn Fernando (keys, backing vocals), and Adam Webb-Orenstein (bass)] created a truly unique and ambitious musical experience, with hints of old Westerns, Ween, and The Doors. Harmonious and rambunctious, blues-driven and classic-rock oriented, The Stevedores deviate from the formula and try to get to the heart of rock n’ roll by incorporating ‘a little bit of everything’ into their multifarious sound.

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