Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton is one of the modern legends on the independent folk music circuit with loyal fans attuned to his every quip, and for good reason. Sexton is a powerhouse of sound. He can easily fill a room, and every heart therein, and he don't need no stinking band. This is a singer-songwriter who doesn't neglect the singer side of the equation; he's got a voice that'll grab you by the soul and demand both your attention and your heart. And if you never thought a Boston folkie's pipes could give Al Green a run for his money, think again as his vocal style can only be described as truly soulful, combining the best qualities of singers like Van Morrison, Al Green, Aaron Neville, and Otis Redding.

Seeing Sexton perform is reminiscent of watching one of your good friends jamming out around a bonfire. His rapport with audiences is always warm and provoking, and his shows are nothing less than a no holds barred throw-down, both musically and vocally.

In the timeless tradition of the troubadour, he goes from town to town spreading his truth. As he says, "I sing for free, man. I get paid to travel." If you are a follower, this intimate show will truly satisfy. If you are new to Sexton's music, there couldn't be a more ideal time to jump in. Just be sure to take the plunge before this show sells out, because it's not a question of if but how quickly.

"I've been a fan of his for quite a bit more than a decade and It's a real pleasure to finally share the stage with him. I hope that if you never heard him before, tonight is a turning point for you. He's one of my favorite singers and songwriters..." - Dave Matthews

"The best live performer I've ever seen… I may just quit my job and go follow Martin and make a fuss everywhere I go, just to make sure that people don't go their lives without hearing this man sing to them." - John Mayer

$20.00 - $25.00


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