Bermudian Aggression, Glitterface (closing set)

Bermudian Aggression

Bermudian Aggression is a mostly acoustic supergroup, showcasing prominent piano and violin over a traditional rock rhythm section (plus congas). Gritty folk/pop married with often-improvised jams and solos led by keys and strings. Now featuring 3 and 5-chord progressions, in addition to 4.

Glitterface (closing set)

The Aaron Blyth Trio

Pulling from strong influences of Folk, Rock, Blues and Funk, Aaron Blyth blends his favorite flavors into a uniquely energetic sound. The music has a positive message and energy that is both sonically simple yet lyrically deep. He is supported by a fantastic rhythm section of Tom Gears on bass and Art McConnell on drums, that help to bring his music to life.


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