Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers w/ Sons of Bill / Jason Boots

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

"Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (RCPM) are proof that the crazy, reckless, restless, swaggering soul of American rock is still burning a hole in the night blaze, quake and quiver, drums slip, thud and thunder with killer melodies and hooks and the occasional reggae or mariachi rhythm laced through the middle to keep it all honest and interesting." — Paste Magazine

Roger Clyne doesn't like serving the musical version of junk food. "I like to put a little more heart into my cooking than that," Clyne said.

For over a decade, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers have avoided unnecessary additives, preservatives and sugary substances that may initially be satisfying, but ultimately provide no sustenance. Instead, they have been serving up nothing but uncompromised, unadulterated, pure rock-n-roll. RCPM have stuck to their credo of letting art lead commerce by mixing relentless guitar licks, four part harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Sons of Bill

Virginia-based rock band Sons Of Bill are thrilled to announce the release of their new album SIRENS. This powerful collection of guitar-driven rock songs and reflective alt-country was produced by long-time fan, and fellow Virginian, David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven).

Led by brothers James, Sam and Abe Wilson along with Seth Green and Todd Wellons, Sons of Bill is a band that sounds like where they're from – somewhere south of Bruce Springsteen's rock and roll desperation, but slightly north of their alt-country contemporaries.

From the driving country twang of "Find My Way Back Home" to the strikingly beautiful "Angry Eyes," from the anthemic striving of "Siren Song," to the tortured but hopeful "Virginia Calling," SIRENS' centers on the tension between alienation and belonging in the modern world, resulting in a memorable collection of songs and the band's best work to date.

Sons Of Bill have released the new song "Santa Ana Winds," a haunting tale set to a fury of piano and power chords, for free download. Download "Santa Ana Winds" here:

Jason Boots

You may not know singer/songwriter Jason Boots just yet, but chances are you will very soon. With an entertainment background and debut album currently in the works, he seems a sure shot for stardom. Not bad for someone who never picked up a guitar until his 27th birthday. From heartfelt ballads such as "Anymore", to the Dylan inspired "All I Got", to the poppy, guitar "Rap Tune", his creative songs and songwriting reach out, grab onto you, and never let go. His music takes us from the mississippi rivertown in which he grew up, to the Hollywood strip. From heartache and pain, to effortless joy, and everywhere inbetween. "Sometimes you're high, sometimes you're low. It's a long road, and music is the soundtrack." It's been especially long for Boots, who embarked on his journey soon after high school. Growing up in Minnesota, he was an all state athlete in three sports, but decided to turn down scholarship opportunities, and instead set his sights on Hollywood. "It always intrigued me. An opportunity arose, and I went for it.". Boots had one contact out there, a struggling actor named Seann William Scott. Boots and Scott rented an apartment in Studio City, and a year later Scott got his break, landing the role of "Steve Stiffler" in "American Pie". "It was something great to be a part of, and just goes to show you anything can happen." Boots was finding his own success as an actor on a smaller scale, landing bit parts in film and television, including a reoccuring role on the television show "Clueless", but the music in him was just beginning to come out. "Seann and I went backpacking in Austrailia after he finished filming "Roadtrip", and he bought this guitar and was just learning how to play. I remember he would keep strumming the same couple of things, over and over, city to city, until finally I just started making up some lyrics. Pretty soon we had harmonies and songs going on about what we did that day. A few years later, I started learning how to play, and a version of those improvs became my first songs." In 2002, Boots embarked on a new career adventure, as a videographer for "Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers", an independent band from the Phoenix area. Clyne, former frontman for "The Refreshments", and his band have a die hard, cross country, fan base and tour over 200 dates a year. "I just bought a camera and went along for the ride." In 2003, the band released Boots' "Viva la Paz", a dvd which included concert footage in the midst of a mexico monsoon. "These guys are so talented, and good for music. I just wanted to help the cause". In 2004, their "Americano" release came packaged with Boots' 60 minute companion dvd "Leave an Open Door: a Look Inside Americano", which he produced, directed, and edited himself. "It's all about the music, and now as a musician, I just try to build off their example". As a performer, Boots has now written well over 50 songs, but his trademark shows still involve his improv moments. "People will just come up with a few words written on a napkin, and tell me to make up a song." His debut album will be a small release in early 2006, but he doesn't seem worried. "The sky is the limit. If the music is good enough, it will find a way to be heard. It's been a fun ride, we'll see where it takes me."

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