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Philadelphia's Woe have been playing their unique brand of miserable, blistering melodic black metal since 2007. After a long live hiatus to prepare the follow-up to 2010's critically acclaimed Candlelight Records release "Quietly, Undramatically," Woe returns to Saint Vitus to premiere new material and revisit old.

Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites is a filthy black metal band out of Brooklyn that incorporates elements of doom, blackened thrash, and crust with influences including, but not limited to, Darkthrone, Discharge and Dissection. The band started in New York City in the winter of 2009, with the joining of Michael Dimmitt on guitar and Justin Ennis (ex-Tombs) on drums. After a few lineup changes, they solidified with George Paul on second guitar and vocals and Iain Deaderick on bass. Ennis and Paul were in Heuristic out of Boston from 2005-2007. Ennis and Deaderick also played together in Curendera, a short-lived but brutal power-violence/grind band out of Brooklyn.
Their Prosthetic Records debut album 'Emypyrean' earned rave reviews from the metal world and beyond, landing at #11 on Pitchfork's list of Top 40 metal albums of 2012. Pitchfork said, 'Think of late-period Darkthrone vomiting the youthful version of themselves onto the crowd at a filthy DIY space. It's stately and epic, but booze-soaked, filthy, and feral."

The band is on tour with Inter Arma this spring was just added to the lineup for the 15th Annual New England Metal and Harcdcore Festival on April 19.


'Cursed to See the Future' out now via Relapse Records | Purchase: http://bit.ly/Mortals | Bandcamp: http://mortals.bandcamp.com/releases



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