Desperado (Eagles Tribute)

Desperado (Eagles Tribute)

It takes a unique combination of skill and talent to reconstruct the sound of one of the music world's greatest treasures, the Eagles.Desperado is a world-class Eagles Tribute Band consisting of five extraordinarily talented and accredited musicians, that just happened to be in the same place at the same time. Desperado have taked extreme measures in order to bring forth the authentic, original sounds that echo through the many decades of the Eagles.

It has been said that the caliber of talent that this band wields rivals that of the Eagles themselves, from the subtle sounds of the pedal steel guitar in "Best of My Love", the mandolin in "Lyin' Eyes", to the banjo in "Take It Easy" and "Midnight Flyer". The band's emulation of some of the most complex and extremely precise vocal harmonies to ever come forth is second to none. We are confident that you will enjoy the excitement of the music of the Eagles as much as Desperado enjoys performing them for you!

Fleetwood Max

If you "never did believe in miracles, I've a feeling it's time to try". .... We have put together the most talented musicians and vocalists to play tribute to one of the best bands ever: Fleetwood Mac… .... Based in Northern San Diego County, Fleetwood Max is Southern California's premier Fleetwood Mac tribute act. .... LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM is played by Todd Hidden, an amazing musician/singer. He's no 'second hand news' when he's tearing into the guitar and singing alongside the two other lead vocalists of the group. Todd can be seen banging the drums in one of San Diego's best cover bands, Street Heart. He is also playing with The Cool Rays and The Flying Circus and has opened for a Chargers Game! .... Annie Heller, singing and playing the part of CHRISTINE MCVIE, tickles the ivories in style, and will undoubtedly get your 'world turning'. Annie has been playing in local bands for 20 years, including FAZE, Ask for Al, Smooth Operator and Loss of Control. She teaches music at three local K-8th grade schools and feels blessed to have met so many fine and danky musicians. .... Kim sings the part of Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Max. She began singing when she was 7 years old. It all started with choir and soon she fell in love with finding harmonies. She has sung in musicals, barbershop quartets, madrigal groups, and a couple of bands. And now? She is flying super high from the excitement of getting to sing with such totally amazing friends and musicians in Fleetwood Max!! .... Curt Lusk is taking on the role of John McVie. Curt also plays bass in The Blasting Idiots, a cracker jack cover band that plays locally. .... Rich is our Mick Fleetwood - this guy can drum! He is a man of mystery but we love him! If you have more info on Rich please share!!!! .... Greg "Bones" Jones rounds out our sound with his smooth guitar licks and does a mean PETER GREEN. Bones has been cutting his teeth around town performing at well known venues such as the Casbah, Bar Eleven, Soda Bar, and Bar Pink as a member of the original grit pop band Subsurfer. Added to his resume are gigs with the fashionably funky Tighten Ups, as well as stints with Black Sabbath and Bad Company tribute bands. …and it lights up the night, and you see your gypsy."


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