West Water Outlaws

West Water Outlaws

The Outlaws were formed in early 2010 when singer Blake Rooker accidentally walked into the wrong statistics class, hazily. He ran into a friend from freshman year at CU, Will S. Buck Esq. who had interest in forming a band. After fifteen minutes of what felt like brothers meeting for the first time, Rooker and Buck discovered each others love for down home blues and dirty rock and roll, and a band practice was scheduled for later that evening. After a few practices and some spirited writing sessions the band started playing parties in the basement of Rooker's house. Interestingly enough during the mass explosion of dj software and macbook pros, not many parties in Boulder featured live Rock & Roll bands at this point in time. The rock parties were a hit and the band began playing out at bars and local clubs for a small fee of beer and food. After adding Andrew "Monkey" Oakley on drums and Vincent "Funky" Ellwood on bass, The West Water Outlaws have managed to win the 2010 CU battle of the bands, and share the stage with national acts such as Rose Hill Drive, Dirty Sweet, The Swayback and Rival Sons. Using recording time won in the battle of the bands the Outlaws released their first official EP entitled "Crooked Angel", recorded, mixed and mastered at Coupe Studios.

In June of 2011 The Outlaws booked their first regional tour ever and piled into a black F250, later known as "Black Sabbath," and headed south with only four total shows confirmed. West Water was an instant hit on their first stop in Memphis, Tennessee and was immediately offered another show the following night. By the end of the month, the band had played over twelve shows in four cities, and grown their fan base by 25%. There's no telling what The Outlaws are cooking up next but it's a guarantee that their shows will be high energy and rowdy both on and off the stage. This will be a band to watch as they strive to be the next big thing out of Boulder.

Jonny Rumble

In 2008, the boys of Jonny Rumble put their collective frustrations into Almost Dead, their third full-length release. In blasting an eloquent and full-throttled critique of our misguided modern social and political state, the album served up the bitter rebellion and social conscience of early punk culture with a wickedly melodic edge. It was “a finger pointing, blame laying manifesto,” according to vocalist/guitarist Brian Webb.

Now, after several well-received interim singles (not to mention a string of bad luck that included hurricanes, hazardous jobs, jail, stolen vans, burglaries, broken bones, busted teeth and severe burns), Jonny Rumble is back with the a new full-length titled JR, an explosive mix of power pop, garage rock and alt-country. The album features the monster single “BRZRKR,” the liltingly psychedelic “Stumped” and the beautiful piano and pedal steel-driven “Time.” Rounding out Jonny Rumble’s line-up are Patrick O’Connor (vocals, keys, guitar), Jeremy Pryor (vocals, bass) and Seth Thomas (vocals, drums). JR the album is available on vinyl as a limited edition to 250 copies at http://jonnyrumble.bigcartel.com/

Rock Proper, an online music distributor/net label launched in 2009, will be the exclusive digital distributor of the album. You can download the full record for FREE at www.RockProper.com

The Holdout

A mutation of former bandmates and longtime friends, The Holdout has been taking its time creating its craft. After the local Chicago staple, The DesPlaines River Band, decided to go on an indefinite hiatus, and Chicago/Indiana-based band, Kickbush, chose to throw in the towel, the local community was left with a gaping hole for fans and music lovers only to be staring through in utter confusion. Change was upon them, and a new chapter was emerging.

After a long journey through the writing process, Vince Mammoser and Andy Madden have begun unleashing a stockpile of original material steeped in deep personal experience and reflection along with a Master's in musical education from the likes of Jagger/Richards and Lennon/McCartney to name a few of the main songwriters' top influences.

Realizing the importance of the depth of his vocal abilities, Phil Mammoser brings the true front man's perspective on top of Madden and Mammoser's strong vocal harmonies and song structures. And after all, there's nothing sweeter than two brothers in harmony.

With a backbone created by the thunderous fingers of Bassist Paul Duda, this original material begins to dance through the ear canals of the listener, only to be pounded into the brain by the backbeat of drummer Jay Fumo to complete the complex sound that is The Holdout.

Currently working on their first independent release, The Holdout has just begun their musical journey into your listening experience. Adding new instrumentation such as the keys, the harp, and lap steel, and pretty much anything else these guys can get their hands on, the songs continue to evolve into some amazing sounding American Music, that searches for the roots of yesterday pulling them into the times and challenges of today.

The Holdout wants to share their talents and experiences with you, whoever you are. Come see a show and begin to fall in love with a band carving out its name into Rock’s long weathered table. They think you’ll like what you hear.



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