Space Cats on Mushrooms II feat. Dan Bain & Sassmouth

Dan Bain

Initially inspired by Detroit techno parties of the late nineties, Dan Bain began DJ’ing in 1999. Blurring lines between genres - focusing instead on emotional context, he has crafted a style that is meant to convey a story. This unique approach has begun to earn him a reputation in Detroit and beyond: as a DJ who brings more to a performance than a couple hours of 4/4 beats at 120BPM.

Influences ranging from trip hip to indie, classic psychedelic rock and blues have led Bain to a crossroads of sorts. An opportunity to share a wide range of sounds with anyone willing to listen.

Known as a curator for a night's most intricate moments and an entertainer who engages each person in the room, Bain continues to share his wordless anecdotes with the world, one record at a time.




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