" If The Wonders hailed from Hawthorne, California instead of Erie, Pennsylvania, and dropped acid on the regular they might sound something like Cotillon. Which, in my world, is the highest of compliments. "
Rebecca Willa Davis (NYLON MAGAZINE)

There’s no stopping Post-Surf/Garage Pop band, Cotillon. Their debut EP, Votive Flower, was released in October, and they’re already presenting their second offering - the less heartbroken ‘White Roses’ EP. This second dose still carries the same moodiness, pep and youthful vigor, but with more cohesive, stylized production, and more assured songwriting. Standouts “Talk to Her” and “Tijuana” are filled with frontman Jordan Corso’s slacker vocal moments and the amazing guitar work from Zach Miller we loved on the first EP. ‘White Roses’ is equal parts nostalgia, peyote-drenched romanticism, laissez-faire francophilia, and post-post-modern anxiety. -Jacqueline Caruso (the Deli)

this is really power-pop like it's supposed to be — hooky, raw and cheerfully bitter beneath the cuteness, just like Alex Chilton used to make. A Corso lyric such as "I don't have much, but I have a true heart" may sound like something Jonathan Richman would sing very sincerely, but Cotillon's recent Votive Flower EP is soaked in plenty of sarcasm, too. Corso's got a voice somewhere between Daniel Johnston and The Only Ones' super-sneerer Peter Perrett. In songs like "I Wanna Move to Paris" or "Dream Girl/Infection Suite," he pours a bottle of drain cleaner into the human heart: "You gave me an infection, just like you meant to," goes one opening line. That's not love, but it sounds true nonetheless. Chris Ziegler (LA Weekly)

Vinyl Williams

LIONEL WILLIAMS (aka Vinyl Williams) is a Los Angeles based artist and musician. His collage art & psyche-pop music fuses vast landscapes, multi-religious symbolism, and the supernatural into a paradoxical whirlpool — mystical scenes of simultaneity.

Williams unites colour, lustre and vibrancy in his creations, as well as looking towards “tangibles of the intangible, sensory identity of the unidentifiable, poetic process (the opposite of mechanical process), phenomena of the mind, phenomena in general.”

Another influential factor is what Williams describes as his “religiously dissonant upbringing, growing up in the atmosphere of Utah and experiencing the mysteries of Mormonism.” a part of his life which has indubitably shaped his awareness and approach towards reality and his art.

“Reality itself is, on the surface, perfectly explainable and can be thought about and discoursed through language,” explains WIlliams. “Yet the forces that ultimately emanate what we call life and things and consciousness are completely inexplicable. My art is anti-reality. The forces that conjured it all into existence are definable, but the art itself is left undefined.”

Themes are interwoven, ideas and mediums combined to conjure a truly unique and intuitive visual and sonic experience, an effect which was highlighted in an exhibition of Williams’ work in Berlin in January 2012 named ‘Let The Sun Shine In’. As well as having the opportunity to exhibit his mesmerising collages, Williams partook in a series of improvisational sessions with the likes of Electrelane’s Verity Susman, Annika Henderson (Anika), Jochen Arbeit of Einstuerzende Neubauten, Travis Stewart of Machinedrum & more, to project the full synaesthetic effect of his visions and sounds. From there, Williams and his band mates ventured even further from home, embarking on a journey that took in the sights and sounds of S. Korea while supporting Toro Y Moi on tour, as well as an exhibition which included 2 of Lionel’s artworks.

Williams is now set to unveil an EP entitled Ultimate World – a collection of songs recorded in the high peaks of Utah – through Warmest Chord, a record label who have released the likes of Slow Talk and Wild Nothing, and a label that, like Williams, emanates the close relationship between the visual and the sonorous. The EP will comprise four exclusive new songs, plus two tracks from his downloadable album Lemniscate and a bespoke limited A3 screen print designed by the artist himself. Three songs are available to buy individually, with the fourth song and two bonus tracks only available with a screen print purchase.

“The intuitive side of the human spectrum, opposite being rationale, is at a weak state in the modern age. As an artist, I realise my imbalance. I’m strictly intuitive, dedicated to the forces beyond our human perception. My devotion remains functional, it provides the world with another world, realms of simultaneity, harmoniousness, supra-conscious, lands of magic. It exists without making demands, without telling you what to think, without guiding you through itself – it is an open field to be wandered through, to be encountered and to interact with. The thing itself (the visual or the audio) can rarely be rationalized or explained. The sensation is the art.

Tapioca and The Flea

Los Angeles band, Tapioca and the Flea bring a fresh combination of video game synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass lines, and heavy rhythms that’ll make you want to dance until your legs fall off. Recently released their first single called "Mellotron" which you can stream on their soundcloud. Stay tuned for the release of their first EP with producer Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Cold War Kids) early 2013.

The Futures League

This is The Futures League. They play Rock n' Roll. Jon sings and plays guitar, Jack plays guitar, Scott plays bass and John plays drums.


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