The Flying Poodle's BIG SEXY CIRCUS and Deschutes Beer Tasting

Lula Houp Garou

This centrifugal cutie believes in champagne dreams, charles shaw budget, moonshine ingenuity. Our first vintage vixen will hula hoop her ways into yer heart as soon as she flies in from Richmond VA folks!

Musette Badeau (as Inspector Tandu)

Musette the Mistress of Mischief is the burlesque, side show sweetie who will merrily con you into giving your heart (and your money!) while keeping you on the edge of your seats as she perches precariously on her bed of nails and walks on broken glass while giving you some burlesque sass!


The Burlesque Hall of Fame's “Most Dazzling Dancer” is a Twin Cities neo-burlesque founder, and is recognized for a decade of her performance art and appearances in local burlesque and cabaret shows, community events, independent film, and national festivals, as well as producing the epic dance night Grown & Sexy Pride, Diversi-Tease Burlesque Showcase, Sweetpea Soirees, The Legends’ Night of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, and more. When this “First Lady of Sweet” is not onstage baring her love of life, she helps others uncover theirs – through burlesque instruction, personal training & lifestyle coaching.

$10.00 - $15.00


A 3-Ring Circus for Sinners! A night filled with hoochie coochie girls, circus tricks and side show mayhem! Starring "Lula Houp Garou", Dallas, TX very own centrifugal circus cutie and hula hoop ingenue! Featuring twin cities burlesque star Sweetpea "the fastest ass in the US!" shaking her tail feather as your favorite "equal opportunity teaser"! Half Human, half cyborg Luna Rouge the "Amazing Robotic Girl" with her pop-n-lock belly dance acts that will melt your mind! Sultry chanteuse the enigmatic Paulie Graff, who will sing as one of her many split personalities... Last but not least the tumblers that will shake your martini and balance you on the edge of your seats Twin Cities Head Over Heels, and Musette the Mistress of Mischief, your host, performing scantily clad side show antics on her dainty bed of nails and MORE! In addition to the stage there will be the "Mustache Ride" photobooth, fortune telling, and naughty carnival contests to participate in! Hope to see you there folks

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