Wild Jesus & The Devil's Lettuce

Wild Jesus & The Devil's Lettuce

Wild Jesus and The Devil’s Lettuce Family Party Band is a community of musicians from the
Midwest with the uncanny ability to surprise you every time they take the stage. Having eight members who
all take part in the writing and arranging, Wild Jesus has an eclectic upbeat sound with family party band
sensibilities. As one might expect from such a strangely named group, Wild Jesus’s songs range from noir
waltzes all the way to effects laden, impressionistic, psychedelic grooves reminiscent of the big rock bands of
the 70’s. Wild Jesus has truly formed a community of like-minded musicians, friends, and family that fill
rooms with their traveling circus of band members, special-guests, and a host of ridiculous stage spectacles.

Black Bear Combo

Black Bear Combo is a four to six member brass/reed band. Our sound is a raucous mutt channeling the common energy between traditional music from eastern Europe and the Balkans, punk rock, and free jazz. Since 2002 we've brought our sound to clubs, basements, festivals, weddings, funerals, parties and streetcorners across the country.


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