Thrive greatest asset is being undefined by traditional reggae instrumentation and sound. The break-through hybrid reggae/rock musicians; Thrive, have found a way to differentiate themselves from the sole safety of staccato guitar beats and syncopated brass, by incorporating musical elements of rock, ska, r&b, dub step, a hint of pop-rock, and a positive-vibe song-writing style. Thrive has taken the reign and created a swanky West Coast reggae/pop-rock unique sound, that their fans follow to sold-out shows.
Since 2008, the Santa Cruz based five piece band consisting of: Aaron Borowitz (lead vox/guitar), Kenny Rogers (lead vox/drums), Scott Schipper (vox, saxophonist), Andrew Forgy (bassist), and Matt Masih (vox, keyboards), are a committed, tightly knitted group and have worked hard to stay original. As important as their musicianship, is Thrive’s message of positivity, which surges through their stage presence at shows and reflects in their audience’s irresistibility to keep from dancing to their heart felt and socially cognizant lyrics.
In 2010, Thrive produced their sophomore album: Gratitude Attitude, which reached number four (4) on the iTunes reggae charts. The hype wild-fired as Thrive flourished while on tour, performing in major music festivals globally and sharing the stage with renowned artists such as; Rebelution, Katchafire, JBoog, Steel Pulse, SOJA, Rootz Underground and the Green. With their up and coming release of their new album; Relentless, Thrive’s vibes can be described as rich in island spirit, with hard hitting beats, melodic brass lines and savory vocals. Thrive is on the fast-track to carving their name in the who’s who of the pop-rock world by being a true cross-genre artist that embodies a reggae-soul in a pop-rock fashion.


Rising out of the dust of the Arizona desert, The Veragroove is a high energy, eclectic group of individuals with music in their veins. Combining a wide range of influences, the boys from Tempe can take you for a musical ride leaving you breathless and wanting more. Funk driven, Reggae infused, and ready to take every stage played prisoner. The newly reformed quintet have added the soulful styling of frontman Andres Rodriguez and the technical layers of lead guitarist Stetson Lee to complete the sound they have been searching for. With a new standard set and nothing in their way, look for big things from The Veragroove going into 2013 and beyond!

The Wiley Ones

A new groove band have established themselves in the Southwest music scene and beyond, THE WILEY ONES blend together a mix of Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues and many other styles that fill the soul with an entertaining and relaxed vibe. Originally started in 2008 and rooted in Arizona, THE WILEY ONES have evolved into one of the most impressive bands in the Southwest. Their unique-bluesy string style riffs combined with creative lyrical poetry have attracted audiences from Los Angeles to New York – Seattle to Miami.

THE WILEY ONES have shared the stage with many artists from around the world. Over the last two years they have toured around the United States performing on Main Stages and Major Music Festivals (such as Mcdowell Mountain Music Festival, Hempfest) and have provided intimate venues for select groups and parties. Whether they are performing on top of a Bio Diesel Bus in support of the environment, play acoustically at local music venues, big theaters or Major festivals, THE WILEY ONES audiences know that their performances will be exciting, spiritually fun and interactive.

THE WILEY ONES have release two albums, "No 7 Kid" and their recent record "Kill it with Love" produced by multi-platinum producer Gardner Cole. THE WILEY ONES are currently writing and recording their 3rd album.

Sam Wiley – Guitars, Lead vocals
Jay Nottingham – Bass, Back up vocals
Josh Montag – Drums
Phelan Parker – Saxaphone/DJ Turntables/Back up Vocals

$7.00 - $10.00

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