The Inns, Isle of Rhodes, Vinyette, Friends & Farmers

The Inns

Lauren and Tyler of The Inns met in the often unpredictable world of New York City freelance gigging. The two active musicians founded Phillstock Entertainment in the fall of 2011 and The Inns is the flagship band. The second Phillstock show that they produced had an allstar line up of bands and this selfishly caused Tyler and Lauren to want to be added to the bill, so they enlisted drummer extraordinaire Jeff Gretz and started a band called The Inns. It turns out they didn't suck, and now here they are..

Isle of Rhodes

Isle of Rhodes was founded in the spring of 2011 by front man and keyboardist Rob Farren. Farren, who had previously played keys with Aphonic (of Detroit), and synth bass with Kiss or Kill decided that he would like to strip his rig down to one keyboard: a Rhodes. An eclectic choice for an instrument, the Rhodes is a vintage keyboard with similar circuitry to an electric guitar. The Rhodes was made famous by the work of soul and funk artists, such as Stevie Wonder, and Bernie Worrell. Farren, influenced by that sound, focused on creating a contemporary rock version of Rhodes playing. Using all analog gear, including tape delay, distortion, wah, and phaser pedals, Farren has sculpted a sound evocative of a three-piece guitar band. Featuring Colin Behram on drums, this two-piece band, has garnered attention for its flowing melodies and huge sound, drawing comparisons to bands such as The Shins, The Magnetic Fields, and Radiohead.

VINYETTE hails from the gritty, artistically ripe confines of Brooklyn, NY. Born in 2008, out of a desire to question the rigidity of society and the status quo, utilizing music as a vehicle of self-expression and freedom. Drawing influences from such bands as Pink Floyd, Vinyette flirted with an ethereal, ambient sound, with an underbelly of funk, independently recorded and released two EPs. The evolution of time and sound soon found the boys of Vinyette thirsty to harness the expansiveness of their songs. Realizing their pulse was strongly governed by a more tightly-knit rhythm section with playful, yet bold leads. Sequestered in the studio for several months to stir up fresh material fertile enough for an album, Vinyette (Nathan Frye-vocals, Danny Monico- guitar/ukelele, Jay Ambrose-bass/trumpet, Jonathan Crowley- drums/trumpet), fine-tuned their musical prowess.

Vinyette's forthcoming debut album, "Every Little Mouse Run," unfolds literally and figuratively like a series of vignettes. Playing with metaphors and teetering between emotional darkness and light, the lyricism is at times quirky and cutting. Nathan Frye's dynamic vocals vacillate between a swampy swagger akin to Jim Morrison, as evidenced on "Vitamins," and a sultry, heartfelt crooner in "Tattoo Crazy." Danny Monico defies gravity with his turbulent guitar riffs that bend and break, push and pull, with reckless abandon. Jay Ambrose slinks in deep, melodious bass grooves that lure one in like a cobweb, baiting with his shimmering trumpet lines. Jonathan Crowley commands and ignites a tenacious current on drums, diving deep within the primal warblings of one's soul. His lusty beats yield raw, tribal-like rhythms.

Friends and comrades both on and off stage, the kinship between Vinyette is illuminated in their high-energy live performances. Integrating schematic back-projection visuals that feed off of each song, they create a multi-sensory and visceral experience. It's no wonder they are often described as a "Cinematic Rock Band." Nathan Frye's fervor oozes out of him as he rollicks about the stage, buoyant, audience dancing. Dueling trumpets, crafty rhythmic changes, Vinyette creates an orchestrated maelstrom, a pandemonium that is both daring and infectious.

"Every Little Mouse Run" was recorded at One East Recording in New York City and overseen by a sound engineer whose credits include Keith Richards, David Lee Roth, The Beastie Boys, and Steve Jordan. The album, set to be released in September 2012, was recorded in the classic analog format and includes a guest appearance on organ and keys from the legendary Jimi Zhivago. Let the revolution begin...

Friends & Farmers

As a guitar/drum duo, Friends & Farmers brings new life to a genre that has in recent years become all too conventional. Combining a traditional country blues style with a folk-punk-rock aesthetic and a loud-louder-loudest dynamic approach, these two are not easily overlooked. Ben Dumbauld pounds out strong, earthy rhythms on his tom, snare and cymbal while David Evan blasts a dry and gritty guitar sound. Retaining short, upbeat song forms and strong, catchy melodies, Evan's crankish vocals evoke imagery of what can only be some kind of deranged, post-apocalyptic farm.

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