138th Preakness Stakes & Black-Eyed Susan Day Infield Concert Combo

138th Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is a thoroughbred horse race held every May at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. First contested in 1873, the annual running of the Preakness is a classic American institution. The Preakness is the second leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. One of the largest single-day sporting events in the United States, the Preakness has hosted up to 121,309 people.

Pimlico will be awash in pink on Friday to help raise funds and aid awareness & research for breast cancer. Cheer on retired champion lady riders who return to the saddle for a "race with a cause" in the popular Lady Legends for the Cure IV. Catch the nation's finest fillies in the 89th running of the Black-Eyed Susan, and the top older horses competing in the 43rd Pimlico Special. Pick the winner in Pimlico's very first "Battle of the Sexes" Jockey Challenge, where racing's top men and women duke it out in four races for a top prize of $30,000. NEW IN 2013: Black-Eyed Susan Day Infield Concert featuring the Goo Goo Dolls, Rodney Atkins and Rachel Farley.

Don’t know a superfecta from a tote board? It’s not all about the horses. Preakness InfieldFest is a multi-entertainment festival featuring PItbull, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Afrojack plus bottomless beer in the popular MUG Club. Jagermeister Stage acts include Chevelle, Florida-Georgia Line and Kristen & The Noise.

Pitbull has risen to become a global superstar as both a recording and performing artist. The Miami-native recently added to a long-and-growing list of hits with his first #1, “Give Me Everything.” At the same time, his world tour sold out concerts in Latin America Canada and Europe, before bringing the party to the United States, Japan and Australia. Pitbull’s new single “Don’t Stop The Party” is a global radio and video hit and is also featured on his new album Global Warming. Its the highly anticipated follow-up to Planet Pit, which earned critical acclaim and enjoyed massive commercial success with sales of more than 1.7 million albums and 19 million singles. “Don’t Stop The Party” comes on the heels of Pitbull’s 2 million-selling single “Back In Time,” the chart-topping anthem from the action-adventure-comedy Men In Black 3.

To complement his worldwide success as an artist, Pitbull is also a burgeoning business entrepreneur with his own line of premium, low-calorie vodka, Voli, an equity partner in the iconic food franchise that shares his Miami roots, The New Miami Subs Grill, RockDoc, a revolutionary portable speaker line and a partnership with Sheets, the dissolvable energy strip. These entrepreneurial ventures are the latest for Pitbull, who has inked major sponsorship deals with blue-chip brands like Bud Light, Dr Pepper, Pepsi (Latin America) and Kodak.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, a duo from Seattle, Washington, have emerged as a premier national hip-hop group known for their electrifying live shows, expertly crafted music, and innovative music videos and media. After years of building momentum with impassioned support from their devoted fan base, 2012 has been a banner year for the group, kicked off by Macklemore’s feature in XXL’s Freshman Class. Most recently, they have broken new ground by independently releasing their debut full-length album, The Heist, which shot into the #1 spot on iTunes and debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts without the support of a traditional record label. Their single “Thrift Shop” has top 40 on the Billboard Top 100 chart and is still climbing, with a wildly popular music video (20 million+ views on YouTube) on heavy rotation on BET and MTV2. “Same Love,” a song and videoin support of marriage equality, galvanized young fans and voters and led to a live studio performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While on their 70-city, completely sold-out world tour supporting The Heist, they have garnered attention in Rolling Stone, Billboard, NPR, TIME and GQ, with live performances on VH1 and an upcoming feature on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ music is distinct for channeling cultural moments and refreshingly self-aware testimony through candid lyricism and thoughtfully crafted production. Their work has captivated listeners around the world, with a combined total of 50 million views on YouTube and a passionate fan following. Their body of work demonstrates an impressive variety of musical influence, experience and subject matter, all in a voice unmistakably their own.

Macklemore’s 2005 release Language of My World was well received by circles who noted his fresh perspective and a striking balance of insight and levity. After several subsequent years of artistic stagnation and frustration due to substance abuse, Macklemore made a commitment to sobriety with a newfound, more intrinsic dedication to his music. A major catalyst to this change was establishing a partnership and on-going collaboration with Ryan Lewis, an accomplished artist in design, photography, video and musical production, who also acts as Macklemore’s touring DJ. They released the VS EP in 2009 & VS Redux in 2010, the latter reaching #7 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts. Throughout 2011 they released four highly successful singles, all accompanied by undeniable music videos. As an independent group with no current association with an outside record label, the duo has built their brand from the ground up since day one, and continue to be completely in-house with their music, design, photography, merchandise and all other platforms of their artistry.

The pair has been featured at a significant number of major festivals and showcases, including the 2011 Rock The Bells Tour, Lollapalooza (IL), Soundset (MN), MusicFest NW (OR), Sasquatch (WA), Outside Lands (San Francisco), and a much-talked about run at SXSW, including a set at the Fader Fort. Perhaps most notable was 2011’s Bumbershoot Festival, where Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed an extended set to 12,000 fans at Key Arena, unprecedented for a Seattle-based hip-hop artist. They also performed “My Oh My” at the Seattle Mariners home opener at Safeco Field for 48,000 people.

Select publication appearances include the Source’s “Unsigned Hype” column in early 2012, the “Show-And-Prove” feature in XXL Magazine, a front-page feature on the Seattle Times and the cover of City Arts Magazine and The Stranger.

The stars must've been aligned just right when Nick van de Wall (better known as Afrojack) saw his first ray of light. Music was his first love since his early youth. He started playing piano when he was only five. Being a very creative student, Afrojack spent most of his time listening to all kinds of music while studying. It was no surprise that it didn't take him long to turn the tables and start making music instead of just listening to it.

Goo Goo Dolls

Grammy-nominated artists Goo Goo Dolls recently released “Rebel Beat”, the first single from their new album Magnetic due out May 7th via Warner Bros Records. Goo Goo Dolls have sold over 10 million albums worldwide, with 14 Top 10 Radio hits, more than any other artists in the history of the Hot AC format. They are the only artists to have songs on Billboard’s “Top 100 Songs from 1992-2012” chart, including the number One slot, for “Iris”.

Rodney Atkins

If you're looking for an artist with the bona fide credentials to sing a country song, look no further. Rodney Atkins' latest album, IF YOU'RE GOING THROUGH HELL, captures every aspect of his life, from his humble, multiple-adoption beginning, to his rural east Tennessee upbringing, to his present-day, stick to your roots convictions.

Rachel Farley

Rachel Farley bleeds so much life into the songs she writes and performs that you'd swear she was at least twice her age. The 17 year old possesses a maturity and composure that far belies her age. She's been dreaming of becoming an artist practically since she was born, and has spent most of those years trying to make that dream happen. And the release of her debut CD, "The Truth," proves those years were not spent in vain.

The Georgia native is a fascinating study in contrasts, no doubt. It could have something to do with that wide range of influences she picked up growing up in a household listening to all types of music, from Pink to Patsy Cline. Or the fact that by the time she was 13, she was on the road playing 100 shows a year with just her guitar. But call it what you want -- the girl can sing. And for her, there was never a question about her calling in life.

"It was just always music for me," admits Rachel about her instant passion for performing. "I never had a question about anything else. Whether it was theater or singing, or whatever, I just loved being onstage. And my parents always loved music…my mom was very musical, and we listened to everything growing up."

Picking up a guitar at 11, she quickly took to the instrument and began writing songs about a year later. By junior high Rachel was ready to pursue her dream full-time. She played everywhere that would allow her to play, and soon, an invitation to perform at a songwriter's night would seal her fate as part of country music's future.

"My friend (songwriter) Bruce Burch asked me to play at this big writers night, and Colt Ford, Mike Dekle, and Brantley Gilbert were there in the round. Shannon Houchins from Average Joes Entertainment was there as well, so I met all of those people that night. After that, my relationship with them grew and eventually, it kind of all came together." It was just months later she got the invitation to go out on the road with Brantley Gilbert.

Armed with just her guitar and her voice, she had no idea how much the next two years spent opening for Brantley would prepare her for what lay ahead. "Being 14 with an acoustic guitar trying to catch the attention of bar crowds was definitely a challenge. You learn real quickly about what works and what doesn't. You have to learn how to entertain."

Rachel also had to prove herself to the industry as well because of her age. "Early on I always knew what I wanted my music to be and what I wanted it to sound like, but it took time for me to get it where I wanted it. A lot of people want you singing about butterflies and unicorns when you're 12 or 13, and I wasn't into that," says Rachel, laughing. "When I first started coming here, a lot of people would hear my songs and say, 'You know, we should go find you some age appropriate songs', and I'm thinking, 'I wrote this by myself in my bedroom - how can you tell me I don't understand what I'm writing?' It would really frustrate me."

At 15, Rachel entered the studio with producer/longtime friend Michael Knox to begin work on her debut album for Average Joes Entertainment. The resulting project, "The Truth," is about as far from butterflies and unicorns as you can get, with its songs inspired by rebellious streaks, impossible, stubborn loves, untimely deaths, and her years spent playing on the road. For Rachel, songwriting is like breathing, and honesty is paramount to the process. The self-proclaimed "Daughter of Southern Ground", possesses an uncanny ability to tap into life's most raw and real moments and put them down on paper and then channel them vocally, a talent she was undoubtedly born with.

A simple girl at heart, Rachel sees herself as a bit dorky and sometimes out of place in this complicated world. And she definitely isn't afraid to write about and challenge those universal hopes and fears we all have about fitting in and standing out. "I'm just quirky," she admits. "I don't see myself as cool. I guess people look at me and they see the leather or whatever, but I'm kind of a loser, really. I love fuzzy socks and I'm not afraid to go to the grocery store in my pajamas," she adds, laughing. "I'm a mix of everything. I'm tough as nails when I need to be, but I've got a real soft heart. I guess I would say I have an old soul, and I've never been one to do what everyone else is doing -- I don't necessarily fit, and that's okay. I can't put up an act or censor myself; I'm not good at that. I feel like you can see through someone who's fabricated. I really just try to lay it all out there, and I'm not afraid of showing who I am. Because I feel like if I have something to hide, I'm probably doing something I shouldn't be."


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NEW IN 2013: Black-Eyed Susan Day Infield Concert featuring the Goo Goo Dolls, Rodney Atkins and Rachel Farley. Combine the Black-Eyed Susan ticket with a Preakness InfieldFest ticket for a discounted price of $65. The region's biggest party returns in 2013 with headliners Pitbull, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Afrojack.

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