The Bats (from New Zealand), Rough Church, Cotillon

The Bats (from New Zealand)

How do you tell the story of The Bats?

One that began over 29-years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand. One that has included three EP’s, seven albums and two compilations, numerous international tours and received gushing reviews from every corner of the music press.

Formed in 1982 by Robert Scott (The Clean) chief songwriter on lead vocals and guitar, bassist Paul Kean (Toy Love) singer/guitarist Kaye Woodward (Minisnap) and drummer Malcolm Grant (The Builders). Following a series of EPs, came their outstanding debut Daddy’s Highway in 1987 and from there it has been a stream of acclaimed albums all the while amassing fans and friends around the world.

And here we have the next chapter of The Bats story. Titled, Free All The Monsters, the band’s eighth album shows them in top form. Recorded at Seacliff, a former asylum in the grand Victorian style just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand, and
masterfully produced by Dale Cotton (HDU, Dimmer), it captures some of their strongest songs to date.
From the melodic and insanely catchy title track, through to the psychedelic thrum of ‘Space Junk’, the lo-fi folk of ‘Simpletons’ and the soaring instrumental passages - Free All the Monsters is filled with powerful and haunting guitars, delicate vocals and rhythms that swerve and stomp throughout.
It’s a tale overflowing with cleverly crafted tunes. One that immediately pulls the listener in, and leaves you wondering what’s next.

Rough Church

LA band Rough Church is fronted by well known and hispanic rocker Greg Franco.
His first gig in LA was as a teenager in his band Blasphemous Yellow in 1983, they played at the legendary Anti club.
Rough Church is his current project.
RC is signed both to their own imprint "Beautiful Workhorse and to Auckland New Zealand label Powertool Records.
Born in East Los Angeles and raised musically in the LA 1980s and '90s Eastside music scene, Greg Franco has shared bills with diverse artists such as Tex and the Horse-heads, Possum Dickson, Mike Watt, David Thomas of Pere Ubu and Lutefisk.

Greg wears his American heart and art-rock influences proudly on his sleeve (Husker Du, Sonic Youth, the Minutemen, are big touchstones for him) and in the last ten years he has been secretly channeling the well known Dunedin sound from NZ.

After being booked to play with the Clean in the states in 2001, a beautiful relationship with New Zealand developed.
He even stayed with NZ legend Chris Knox for a week in 2004. This was followed by collaborations and recordings with David Kilgour and with Robert Scott.
(Southpawwest, 2004, Powertool Records)

Tours of NZ and AUS followed.
The band has toured three times in Kiwi-land. RC played with NZ legends Robert Scott, Bill Direen, Minisnap, and finally now, in Los Angeles with good friends The Bats.
Greg writes tight hook laden rock and sometimes mesmerising introspective indie tunes.
He also goes out on a limb sometimes musically. The last album includes an uncompromising 15 minute noise art track dedicated to the famous alien contact, the wow signal of 1974.
The next one is a double vinyl "Aloha Mijos" done all live in Lincoln Heights, mixed in Hawaii with the "Mexican Steve Albini" Manny Nieto (Health, Chokebore, The Breeders, 400 Blows) Now that's rock.

On this latest six song ep "Nude Canon, Rough Church knocks it out of the park.
It features the violinist, keys, vocals, of Katlin Wolfberg (Seasons, Fort King) She's an up and coming force on the LA scene.

Rough Church plays up the roll than rock, but still is on the wild indie artful, even funky and angsty side". Every song is like a very different short film.

"Forget the Ken Burns transition, jagged cut and paste to Greg Franco’s present incarnation, “Rough Church” it’s a labor of the last few years that can be called none other than fringe Americana." - Christina Long, The trouble with milk

"It’s got a kick to it that warms up the soul. They will bring the Tapatio" - Mt. Washington Times.

"An iconic auteur." - L.A. Weekly


Formed in Los Angeles by Jordan Corso, and Zachary Miller, Cotillon draws inspiration from a combination of 90s garage and French New Wave themes of fleeting love, lust, and longing.

Produced by Chet "JR" White - formerly of the San Francisco darling's GIRLS - and recorded between LA and San Francisco, the upcoming LP BLUE MELODIE couples Cotillon’s snide lyricism and penchant for power-pop with JR’s talent for long forgotten - and sometimes experimental - production techniques we’ve come to expect of the GIRLS producer.

After spending the better part of a month holed up in JR’s Mission District apartment in San Francisco working for days on end to hone their songs, they re-emerged to track the first half of the album at Los Angeles’ historic East West Studio 3 with the second half recorded at San Francisco Hyde Street's Studio A.

JR dipped deep into his rolodex calling on former members of his band GIRLS, as well as The Modern Lovers, and King Tuff for the finishing embellishments that will make BLUE MELODIE more than worth the wait. (Release date TBA)



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