City Tribe

City Tribe

"City Tribe have a great talent for music that wraps the listener in a relaxing blanket of sweet harmonies and lush guitar tones, yet the underlying intricacies in their songs make for a very interesting listen. With unexpected cadences, and varied rhythmic/harmonic structure in the vocal lines, City Tribe accomplish a strong hybrid of catchy and intriguing."

Before The Brave

"Before the Brave is a folk-rock quintet based in San Francisco, California. In early 2011 the band’s future took a turn, as a series of line-up changes and stylistic shifts occurred, eventually leading to the discovery of a unique and substantive sound. Ranging from soulful Ryan Adams-esque ballads to dynamic offerings of the likes of Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens, Before the Brave fits into the current alternative music scene while not being wholly defined by it.

After beginning to play at local venues, the band quickly gained support from fellow bands and members of the community, which spurned them on towards recording and distributing their music to wider audiences. The project came to fruition with Before the Brave’s first EP, entitled Great Spirit.

Cold Eskimo

"Glass Beach" now available in stores and online.

$7 advance/$10 door


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