Jason Ferguson CD Release Party

Jason Ferguson

Jason Ferguson is an emerging singer songwriter from Tulsa, OK. Jason started his career seven years ago by playing coffee shops and small music venues throughout the region. Over the years, Jason has graduated to larger venues and has subsequently shared the stage with national acts such as Andy Grammer, Love and Theft, among others. Heavily influenced by pop acts One Republic and Gavin Degraw, Jason has taken those cues and incorporated them into his his debut Album 'The Unicorn EPisode' Released on June 14th 2013.

All About A Bubble

All About A Bubble (A3B for short) is an American pop-rock band formed in 2011 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Band members have previously been a part of bands such as The Televised, Astellaway, Tiger Eyed Lilly, Everyday Value, Krsna The Scarecrow,and K-Sides.
All About A Bubble started writing and recording their debut album at Gold Van Studios via Casa Le Epic June 2011.

Desi & Cody

The Tulsa duo Desi and Cody combine folk-inspired bluegrass melodies with a rock based sound, creating one-of-a-kind music that leaves you wanting more.

Stephen Speaks

Hailing from Oklahoma, Stephen Speaks is a roots-pop project led by Rockwell Ryan Ripperger. As it's main producer, singer and songwriter, Rockwell is the only official member of Stephen Speaks and remains solely responsible for it's direction. Stephen Speaks has collaborated with numerous artists over four independent releases, and has been one of the most successful independent artists from the mid-west for the last decade. From topping MySpace charts, to the top 100 CD Baby best sellers with millions of internet plays via word-of-mouth. Rockwell humbly states, "we just make music and our fans spread it. It's been unbelievable."

With four albums recorded himself, along with producing scores of albums for other local artists, Rockwell sought out Grammy winning drummer Brady Blade (Dave Matthews/Citizen Cope) to produce Stephen Speaks' fifth album, Age Of The Underdog. Being Stephen Speaks' first major studio release, producer Brady Blade put together an a-list studio band including legendary bass player Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones) and tracked the new album live.

With a new album and management, Stephen Speaks is on the cusp of greatness in the age of the underdog.

Young Lyons

Young Lyons is a four piece alternative pop rock band from Tulsa, OK. The band was formed in spring of 2012 when John Lyons (vocals/guitar) recruited bassist Paul Cristiano and producer Brad Mitcho to collaborate on a new batch of songs. After some quick success writing, John and Paul decided to further their association under the name Young Lyons (a name suggested by Brad) and subsequently added drummer James McGowan and guitarist Brian Gresh. While the band takes it's cues from the modern electro-pop recipe, Young Lyons certainly isn't afraid to take chances and has a sound that is solely their own. Their debut EP 'Crash Course' was released April 2nd, 2013.

FM Pilots

FM Pilots, balancing indie rock aesthetic and an undeniable pop sensibility.
FM Pilots is an Oklahoma pop-rock quartet that boasts catchy, polished tunes with heartfelt sentiment. The lineup consists of long-time friends Nick Whitaker, Josh Kephart, Casey Meyering, and Blake Jarman. "One of the city's most promising young pop rock bands"- G.K. Hizer, Urban Tulsa Weekly.

Adv $12, DoS $14


Show :: 6:30pm (times are subject to change)

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