Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink

The idiosyncratic pop of Ariel Pink has long been critically applauded by everybody who had been slathering praise on Animal Collective (after AC discovered the Los Angeles song-sorcerer), Throughout his brief career, Airel Pink has never been easily digestible thanks to production standards stuck in the mud and a trainwreck approach to multi-tracking rhythms; but out of the sonic dreck, Pink has always exhibited a knack for conjuring uncanny pop hooks that tap into the collective consciousness of anybody who grew up in the late '70s and early '80s listening to AM radio where the quintessence of heaviness would be Night Ranger or Journey. Liberating pop hooks from one-hit wonder jangle, disco-lite pop, white soul crooning, and schmatzy power ballads through his chemically deranged yet free-spirited aesthetic


Heavily-buried psych warble from sister act Clementine and Valentine Nixon on Antony Milton's Pseudo Arcana label.



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