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Reno Divorce

With equal parts of Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and rockabilly sensibilities, Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord of their own in a diluted genre of what passes as "Punk rock'n'roll". Throw in well-crafted and deftly executed songs that straddle the line between Smithereens and Social Distortion, and you've got a band that truly stands out amongst the herd. Oh, and there's one more thing….this aint the boys' first rodeo…they've played with almost all their punk hereos (ALL, Social D, TSOL, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, X, The Blasters, Motorhead), and shared a tour bus with more contemporary heavy hitters, ala U.S. Bombs, The Bones, and Street Dogs. They've worked with the cream of the crop behind the scenes, as well. Their last record, "Tears Before Breakfast" was produced by Jason Livermore at the world famous Blasting Room and the support tours for that album were handled by M.A.D. Booking in Europe, where among other great festivals, they graced the Saturday Night Fever Stage at With Full Force. Always captivating live, and wrought with more hooks than your uncle Bob's tackle box, Reno Divorce has carved out a reputation as the real nitty gritty, a true "musician's band" that pushes the envelope with every release, without sounding contrived or formulated. Brent Loveday's adept songwriting and clever storytelling are brought to life by the bands expert musicianship. With Brent Loveday on lead guitar and vocals, Tim Jadowski on bass, Tye Battistella on Rhythm guitar and Ruben Patino the band fires on all cylinders. backed by a band that fires on all cylinders. Reno Divorce has earned honors in Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Loud Fast Rules, and (more importantly to the band) the respect of their peers.

Six Gun Salvation

Six Gun Salvation is a horrorpunk band from the Alton, St.Louis area... Dave Drew on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Sean webster on Drums and back up vocals, and Stephen Jouett on Bass and back up vocals. We are heavily influenced by horror movies and sci-fi.We have a ton of new material and are currently hard at work preparing, practicing. Contact us for shows around the St. Louis Area! We will keep you posted on our progress and upcoming shows. Thanks for visiting our page, Six Gun Salvation

River City Sound

River City Sound is composed of three members:
Corey Johnson, Derek Spencer, and Sean Costin

Corey and Derek have a long musical history together, dating back to 2003. At that time, they started the pop-punk group, Shoot For Saturday. In late 2003, SFS recorded their first EP, entitled “The Cardboard Box Rebellion”. After departing ways from the original drummer, the sound of the band, in turn, started to change during the recording process for SFS’s second and final EP, “Interview with an Astronaut”. Tickets for the CD release show for “Interview with an Astronaut” sold-out, selling over 200 copies in a single night. The band was a local success.

Considering the sound of the band was increasingly more experimental, the three members of SFS decided to change their name in accordance to the ever-expanding stylistic changes in song writing. This was the birth of The Atmosphere Agency. In October 2005, The Atmosphere Agency went into Satellite Studios and recorded their first and only EP, “Brown”. By December 2005, The Atmosphere Agency disbanded due to rising conflicts between members, but Corey and Derek continued songwriting together. In January 2006, two new members joined forces with Corey and Derek for a few months, for an epic rock and roll sound including classical piano, big drums, and soaring guitars. The group disbanded in Spring 2006, a few short months after forming.

After this time, Corey and Derek parted ways… Corey left to pursue an arts degree in Chicago, IL, and Derek continued playing in numerous bands, playing shows consistently. Corey released an acoustic EP in Spring 2008, entitled “Smile Like a Jackal”, playing shows in the Chicago area to promote the new solo effort.

In 2010, Derek met friend and local percussionist, Sean Costin. The two had tremendous bass-and-drum chemistry. They pulled together with another musician from the area, and formed the experimental alternative rock group, “Mighty as the Lion”. The band recorded an EP in Atlanta, GA, and released the self-titled effort in 2011. However, the group dissipated later that year.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Corey was finishing up his arts degree. In Fall 2011, Corey recorded his most recent solo effort, “You Are Here”. This full-length album was recorded over a span of a few months, with a gathering of written material over the past 4 years. The album was mainly acoustic with a heavy underlying electronically reverberant tone, giving the album a more wholesome feel, but relying on hollowness from reverb to involve an empty core to the sound.

During the recording process for “You Are Here”, Corey became reacquainted with Derek via the songwriting and recording process. There was expressed mutual interest in kick-starting a new rock and roll effort once Corey returned from Chicago. In December 2011, Corey, Derek, and Sean joined forces and River City Sound was born.

Relying on punk, metal, and classic rock influences, River City Sound put together a full-set of new original material, and release their first 6-song EP, "Young Forever" on June 23rd, 2012, through an 89.9FM WLCA live broadcast show at the River Bender Community Center in Alton, IL.
Playing shows all over the St. Louis and Chicago area, River City Sound is is currently supporting their new album, while developing their next EP. For booking:

$10.00 - $12.00


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