The Nickatina Experience Tour 2013 ft. Andre Nickatina, Roach Gigz and MUMBLS w/ Microphone Militants and Klassick & Aceoutrageous w/ Dj Lucky I Am

Andre Nickatina

Born and raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, Andre Nickatina has been a Hip-Hop/Rap luminary since the release of his critically acclaimed debut, “The New Jim Jones.” A favorite at public venues and on college campuses, Andre Nickatina continues to sustain a loyal fan-base, while engaging new supporters throughout North America. Nickatina’s classic stage show combined with his rare interviews, maintains his mystery and unique musicianship that has spanned two decades.

The longevity of Nickatina speaks for itself. An award-winning MC and producer (2005 Bay Area Artist of The Year / Album of The Year for “Bullets”), Nickatina’s vision has expanded beyond the 18 albums (and hundreds of thousands of sales) that he has executive-produced. Also, a diverse artist, Nickatina has gained critical acclaim for his work and vision as a filmmaker, with more than seven films to his credit as either a director, co-director, executive producer, producer or actor.

Changing his name from Dre Dog to Andre Nickatina in 1996, he transformed his career to a plateau that has allowed him to create and develop an entirely new fan base with his original flow, distinct voice and lyrical explorations that few other MCs have displayed an ability to achieve. His third album, “Raven In My Eyes,” marked Nickatina’s shift as an artist and expanded his audience to the wildly enthusiastic college crowds that praise him with regular sellouts from coast to coast. In 2008 Nickatina completed a timeless masterwork that paired he and his friend, Mac Dre (R.I.P.) together with the new classic, “A Tale of Two Andres. ”

Nickatina’s business acumen is as sharp and honorable as his presence on stage. Nickatina’s vision as an artist has been admired by many of his peers as he is seen as one of the last Bay Area Legends who was not only present during the golden-era of Hip-Hop, but one of the few artists who has helped Hip-Hop grow and who has remained ultimately relevant with each successive album he has released.

Without saying so, Nickatina has had his finger on the pulse of what is raw, uncut and capable of capturing the mind and ears of listeners. Never one to follow or ride trends, Andre Nickatina is a rare breed of artist… one of the last original trend setters. Nickatina does not do what the people want… rather the people want to know what Dre will do next.

Selected as one of 106 KMEL’s Top 10 Freshman Rappers of the Bay Area, 25-year-old San Francisco native Roach Gigz has gone from virtually unknown to one of the hottest artists on the West Coast in just four years.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Roach was conceived in Nicaragua during the Contra and Sandinista war. His father was a supporter of the Sandinista Liberation Front and has never lived in the United States but Roach’s mom moved to San Francisco and raised him as a single mother.

Growing up in such a racially diverse city directly affected Roach’s approach to his art. “If people have only heard my music and know my name but have never seen me, they are surprised to find out I’m not Black,” says Roach. “From my experience growing up, race was never really an issue. I’m just an authentic and cool dude and I think my fans see that. It ain’t about race. It’s about the music.”

Roach Gigz first gained local fame with close friend Lil 4Tay as one half of the group Bitch I Go (B.I.G.). The duo made some noise with the hyphy hit song “I Get It.” However, with no official album or mixtape to tide the fans over things started slowing down for B.I.G. in 2008 and Roach decided to focus more on his solo career.

It was 2009’s Buckets and Booty Calls mixtape that truly introduced Roach’s face and Frisco swagger to the masses. The conceptual mixtape, released last September and inspired by real was both funny and filled with good music. “I got in this big car accident after a show and my scraper got totaled. After that I bought a bucket Ford Tempo for $100 off my cousin. I was driving in that for like two months, and one night the idea just popped in my head.”

The mixtape containing several examples of what Roach calls his “late night pussy expeditions,” took off overnight spawning the Northern California anthem “My Bitch Look Better.” The mixtape to date has been downloaded over 45,000 times.

In May of 2010 Roach followed Buckets and Booty Calls with the lyrically superior Roachy Balboa mixtape. Where B &B was just a small part of his story, Balboa, both a play on fictitious boxer Rocky Balboa and Roach’s own Italian heritage, gave a deeper glimpse into his potential as an artist.

“I put all my money into renting this tiny empty room and built my own little studio. I stayed in that bitch all the time, making music and just training to get better. Roachy Balboa is just the first preview of that,” says Gigz. “I feel like I’m growing how anybody should if their doing what they love and putting their all into being the best they possibly be at. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.” Balboa has already exceeded its predecessor’s numbers in listens and downloads in just a fraction of the time.

With two successful mixtapes under his belt Roach is currently preparing his debut album, tentatively titled Therapy Sessions, which is scheduled to be released this fall. The album is shaping up to be a very personal one. Roach says the music will touch on the ups and downs of his life from the struggles he’s been through growing up in the Bay to the birth of his newborn son.

“I’ve seen the hunger in his eyes since day one,” says Mistah F.A.B. “With the proper support he may get his chance to be the new voice of the modern day Bay Area.” With his unconventional style and undeniable charisma it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world feels the same way.

MUMBLS is a Berkeley, CA based emcee with a penchant for having way too good of a time while somehow maintaining technical prowess. Citing Dana Dane, Ghostface, and Mac Dre as some of his rap influences, MUMBLS also looks to Glam Rock staples such as Marc Bolan and David Bowie for creative spark. Describing himself as Half-Viking and Half-Mexicano, the Nor-Cal representative brings a strangely unique style and perspective to the mic. Usually intoxicated, MUMBLS weaves tales of lust, drugs, and flat-out avoiding adulthood in a brutally blunt manner. His goal is to stimulate your mind while he prolongs the party.

Microphone Militants

Microphone Militants assembled together, piece by piece, sparking the development of this revolutionary hip-hop crew. Since their formation in early 2009, each member has been adding their own inspiration and creative expression to the group. Their lyrical abilities have been evolving since each member was 14 and each member has developed their own unique style, which creates identifiable characteristics in their songs, making their music something that hip-hop has never seen before. The Militants cohesive group thrives off of each other, searching for ways to propel past all boundaries created by ignorance and the unwillingness to see things for what they truly are.

Klassick is a dedicated artist and lyrical intellect with hopes of altering the current culture through positive vibes, and metrical composition.
Klassick had his first Headlining show at the age of 18, on January 8th, 2014 at Cervantes Other Side in Denver Colorado. Currently working as an Independent Artist in Denver, Colorado, he has also recently opened shows for: Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T. Masta Killa From The Wu-Tang Clan, Andre Nickatina, Roach Gigz, Slaine From La Coka Nostra, Sean Price, Skyzoo, and Devin The Dude. All of which were during the year of 2013. 2014 Shows : Snowball, Red Rocks with Nas and Flying Lotus. Solely affiliated with the Concrete Yacht Club.
"I started writing and free-styling at the age of 14, before that it was just elementary rhymes on the playground. I aspire to be an artist for the people and give them my all and it will stay that way throughout my career. Without the support from my fans, friends, and family, I wouldn't be where I am now. Through my perspective music is life, it is vibrations and vibrations are everything that surrounds us. A song can bring back memories, make you smile, laugh, or relate to one another in a way that you never have before. Even a single track can help remind others that they are not alone and that someone else has gone through, or is currently experiencing, a similar type of situation. That's the beauty of music, it reveals you to your true self.
We all run off of Vibes and when you find the right vibe... everything seems to make a little more sense. Hip-Hop allows me to create Strong Vibes and I believe that's the best part of making it all.
-One Love"

DJ Lucky I Am

Plain and simple, DJ LUCKY I AM has been djing for over 14 years. Since landing his first club gig in 1999 he has built up an impressive resume that includes residencies and guest spots at some of Hollywood's and Inland Empire's most prestigious clubs. He is currently traveling and playing from the I.E, to Los Angeles, and now in Denver, as well as preforming for mix radio shows around southern California. Passionate about music for as long as he can remember, he was influenced by multiple music styles that have created a soulful Hip-Hop and Electro sound, both in and out of the studio. The creative process is evident in all of his work, with a good mixture of blending techniques coupled with a natural ear for harmonic blending. Music genres that helped form his unique talent and made him who he is today; Hip-Hop, House, Old School, Dance, Trance, and Indie.. Now in 2011, Lucky is working with MTV to promote and cover the rapidly growing music scene in Denver CO. Embedded, armed with a camera crew, he is making his way, party to party, finding new or unique sounds and events to show the world on MTV.

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