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To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere this year, but those in the know have been following Emancipator since he self-released his first album, "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough," at the age of 19 in 2006. His agile melodies layered over headnodic, immaculately-produced beats captivated fans across the internet and across the world. "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough" was picked up by Japanese super-producer Nujabes, pressed in Japan and sold 5,000 copies in the first six months. Emancipator landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song "Maps" played at the Beijing Olympics.

His latest album "Safe In The Steep Cliffs" blends new instrumentation and organic samples with the signature Emancipator style of clean production, silky melodies and addictive drums. Dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, violin and some distinct Asian influences make for a playful but refined album built out of intricate tracks listeners can enjoy on as many levels as they want. Dance to it, chill out to it, immerse your mind in it.

Born in Chicago and raised in East Oakland's Funktown neighborhood, Boots became a teenage community organizer, but later switched from a clipboard to the microphone, forming the Coup with rapper E-Roc. Pam the Funkstress, the first female DJ star in the famously competitive Bay Area turntablist scene, later signed on.

As a producer and lyricist, Boots Riley has crafted critically acclaimed albums for The Coup that have graced the year-end Top 10 lists of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and more. They have also received "Album of the Year" honors from The Washington Post, Time Out New York, while Billboard Magazine declared the group "the best hip-hop act of the past decade." Born in Chicago and raised in East Oakland's Funktown neighborhood, Boots became a teenage community organizer. From his history of student organizing in Oakland's public schools, serving on the central committee for the Progressive Labor Party, being the President of Youth InCar (Youth International Committee Against Racism), organizing to build California's Anti-Racist Farm Workers' Union, to developing "guerrilla hip hop concerts" (mobile concerts on flatbed trucks), Boots Riley has been an integral part of the progressive struggle for radical change through culture.

The Coup's 1991 self-distributed EP landed them a deal with Wild Pitch Records. Two singles, "Dig It" and "Not Yet Free", cracked BET and national black radio. Their debut, 1993's Kill My Landlord, went on to wide acclaim. The next year, Genocide and Juice shot up the charts, but stalled when EMI absorbed Wild Pitch. E-Roc then left the group.

1998's Steal This Album, released by indie label Dogday Records, was received as a masterpiece and sealed the Coup's rep. But the band's next record, Party Music, scheduled for release shortly after 9/11, became a cultural flashpoint amidst Cheney-Ashcroft hysteria. The album's original cover (completed three months prior to 9/11) depicted the crew setting off an explosion in the World Trade Center using a guitar tuner and drumsticks. The band's label, 75 Ark, pulled the cover immediately after the attacks.

"As far as the record industry was concerned, it was the end of my career," Boots says. Instead, Boots' defiant refusal to "ride the fence" and the album's undeniable funk made it an underdog favorite. The album hit #8 in the 2001 Pazz and Jop Poll, the most important year-end critic's list.

At the same time, Boots visited South Africa's World Conference Against Racism with the Black August hip-hop tour, where he distributed tens of thousands free cassettes of music in the Oakland community, what he calls "newspapers on tape". He also founded Shoyoass Words, Sounds, & Pictures, a record and media company specializing in music and art that he calls "relevant to social change."

In 2003, the Coup joined with Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, and Janeane Garofalo, on the barnstorming, Bush-slapping "Tell Us the Truth" tour. Working with those artists proved influential on Pick A Bigger Weapon. "This album took a bit longer, because all of these influences were getting a chance to settle," says Boots, also citing the Clash's "Bankrobber" as another substantial influence.

The record achieves a musical and thematic unity. "I like albums like Songs in the Key of Life, Death Certificate, Beatles albums," says Boots. "I like feeling like I'm getting a presentation, rather than a bunch of Polaroids of people in the studio on a certain day."

Boots just finished touring North America fronting Street Sweeper Social Club, a band where he Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave) joined forces. This tour took them across North America playing arenas with Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction. Their debut album, Street Sweeper Social Club debuted at #37 on Billboard and has been receiving continual spins on major market alternative rock and hip hop stations around the country, including Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The Coup is here. They say it's a democracy. You decide.

When you see Christian Bauhofer after the sun goes down, you will find the smiling DJ/producer assuming his party crushing alter-ego, Minnesota. The Santa Cruz local has recently been working on his new EP Altered States, which is set for release in late October, and features collaborations with Grizzly J and Zion I. This EP is more dance-floor oriented than his previous work, embracing higher energy and a more bass driven sound, while still maintaining melodicism. Staying true to his own sound is far more important to Minnesota than just playing banging dubstep, keeping his fans coming back for more.

Minnesota's tracks are influenced by artists including MiMOSA and Modeselektor. Some of his personal favorites such as Bassnectar and PANTyRAID have also been playing his tracks in their sets. "Quickly becoming a staple in my sets," commented Bassnectar when discusing the track "Push It." "Perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hyped."

It is not only other artists who have gained an appreciation for Minnesota's sound. After a young man's hearing was restored and he was able to listen to music for the first time in his life, he chose Minnesota's remix of Shotgun Radio's "A Bad Place" as one of the top 5 songs he'd heard, next to artists such as Mozart, Il Postino and Sigur Ros.

Minnesota's first EP, Panda Snatching Tycoon, was released on Tycho Records in January of 2011 to critical acclaim. His second release, Ancient Machines, on Mal Label was number nine on the Addictech best seller's list for the year, and every track charted on the Beatport glitch hop charts. Recently, his remix of "California Dreamin'" resurfaced and topped the Hype Machine at#1. Minnesota also collaborated with MartyParty in 2011 on a free EP called Ultraviolet Halo.

Minnesota's upcoming Altered States Tour sees him hitting many cities across the US, joined on many dates by Zion I. Zion I are a hip-hop duo from Oakland, California, consisting of producer DJ AmpLive and MC Zumbi. The group is known for Amp's futuristic production techniques, using a mix of live instrumentation and samples, and Zumbi's positive and socially conscious lyrics. Minnesota's live performance sees him providing the best possible experience by paying close attention to the crowd and putting time and effort in preparing his set.

In the summer of 2005, after a series of deaths in the family, Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with his guitar and a synthesizer, turning that tragedy into the songs that would soon become the foundation for Geographer. With the additions of cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher, Geographer spent the next year cutting their teeth in the Bay Area, winning over crowds with the heart-pounding epics that make up their debut record, 'Innocent Ghosts'. After being selected one of three 'Undiscovered Bands You Need To Hear Now' by SPIN Magazine and garnering considerable word-of-mouth praise from their energetic live shows, the band signed to San Francisco-based label Tricycle Records, releasing a 7" single for the song 'Kites' in October 2009. 'Animal Shapes' follows up 'Kites', building on the synth-driven aesthetic of the single, while irting with darker, more esoteric underpinnings. The record merges Geographer's aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with textural sounds and polyrhythmic energy, marking an evolution of their distinct style. With the overwhelming response to the release of 'Kites' and 'Animal Shapes', punctuated by a dynamic and engaging live set, the band has already begun to make an indelible mark on the ears of music fans worldwide.

Sage Francis

Sage Francis, dubbed the "forefather of indie-hop," has made a name for himself through his poetic leanings and scathing socio-political commentary in his lyrics. Francis has become one of the top selling independent artists in hip-hop and is the head of Strange Famous Records.

Buddy Wakefield

Buddy Wakefield of Kingston, WA is a Vipassana meditator, a three-time international spoken word champion, novice triathlete, author of three books of vulnerability for growth junkies, and one book about healthy backyard chicken-keeping practices, called HENHOUSE (based on Penthouse, but for chickens, and their lovers). In the spring of 2001, he left his position as the executive assistant at a biomedical firm in Gig Harbor, WA, sold or gave away everything he owned, moved to the small town of Honda, Civic and set out to live for a living. He has been doing so ever since, with people he admires, sharing the experiences of over 1,500 venues around the world ranging from San Quentin State Penitentiary to Scotland’s Oran Mor. Buddy Wakefield is an avid fan of peanut butter, power napping and chopping wood while being cheered on by his two geese, The Colonel and Mrs. Marple. He notices manners, melting ice caps, accessible enigmas and people who fly under the radar. He strives to observe his breath, and his sensations, full time, without reacting.

In 2005 he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship title again and has gone on to share the stage with nearly every notable performance poet in the world including Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Alix Olsen, Derrick Brown and Utah Phillips in hundreds of venues internationally from Comedy Central's Hudson Theater and Scotland's Oran Moore to San Quentin State Penitentiary, House of Blues (New Orleans) and CBGB's.

In the spring of 2001 Buddy left his position as the executive assistant at a biomedical firm in Gig Harbor, WA, sold or gave away all he owned, moved into the small town of Honda Civic, and set out to live for a living, touring every major poetry venue in North America through 2003. He still tours full time while co-managing The Bullhorn Collective (a talent agency founded by Wakefield, made up of 30+ of the most accomplished performance poets alive), and considers his recent tours with Ani DiFranco the highlight of his career thus far.

Born in Shreveport, LA, mostly raised in Baytown, TX, now claiming Seattle, WA as home, Buddy has been a busker in Amsterdam, a lumberjack in Norway, a street vendor in Spain, a team leader in Singapore, a re-delivery boy, a candy maker, a street sweeper, a bartender, a maid, a construction worker, manager of a CD store, a bull rider and a booking agent. Wakefield is a growth junkie, an expert witness to the moon, avid player of marbles in the trees, elated son of a guitar repair woman, wingman of Giant Saint Everything, is void of S.T.D.'s, and remains generally hopeful for his health despite an abusive relationship with free range pastry buffets.

Buddy, a Board of Directors member with Youth Speaks Seattle and member of Team Seattle 2006 for the National Poetry Slam Finals is honored that his work is published internationally and has been used to win national collegiate forensics competitions. Also a member of Solomon Sparrow's Electric Whale Revival, Buddy is known for delivering raw, rounded, high vibration performances of humor and heart.

If you walk into a dubstep room at a show in the Bay Area and hear a really filthy and brand-new sounding bassline, most likely the young man behind it is the one who goes by Getter.

Getter has played shows with the best artists in dubstep today, such as Rusko, Downlink, Eprom, Subvert, Noah D, Nit Grit, Megalodon, and Borgore — not to mention sharing the stage at Vital SC's Wobbleland with world class talents Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kastle, Jakwob, and Nero.

"Everyone tells me that when I play shows, there's never a calm track or a track that isn't filthy," Getter says. "I like that… so I improve it by getting the biggest, filthiest tracks I can get my hands on."

Besides the prolific Chronos Records, Getter is also associated with Ultragore and Tuff Love Dubs, the latter of which released "The Monsta" EP by We Bang, which features the We Bang/Getter collab "Bad Tingz." Another track available on Beatport is "Cybertron Disco," a heavy yet melodic composition that was featured on last month's "Saucerface" compilation album released by MalLabel Music.

Be prepared to experience raw and bass-heavy dubstep by the legendary powerhouse GETTER.

Pumpkin is not like other DJs. He isn't bound by genre, tempo or playing the latest and hottest tracks. Instead, he finds a familiar thread in songs from multiple genres, styles, and eras, and weaves them into a sound that is all his own.

After starting his first band in 5th grade, and playing on the Sunset strip before he was old enough to drive, it wasn't until 2004 that he discovered house music and began the process of transitioning from musician to DJ. In 2006 he was asked to join the LA based DJ and underground event crew Pocket Underground, and since then has become a mainstay at some of the largest, most innovative festivals in the country, including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Art Outside & EDC.

Pumpkin's quirky remixes of familiar classics create a sense of dance floor sentimentality that crowds revel in. From Peter Gabriel to The Muppets, Blind Melon to folk songstress Tina Dico, Pumpkin digs deep when selecting a song to remix and reinterpret.

Equally at home in a dark warehouse, a packed nightclub, or sunrise at an outdoor festival, Pumpkin is a master at reading the crowd and adjusting his unique selection to turn any dance floor into a big ol' puddle of lovesauce.

The indie electro-pop duo Midi Matilda has barely begun their career yet has already made a permanent impression on the music community. The Bay Area outfit exploded onto the online scene with dozens of enthusiastic mentions about their debut single, "Day Dream," including The Huffington Post and Neon Gold Records, which propelled them to an impressive near-top placement on The Hype Machine. In addition, the accompanying self-produced music video for that single, has garnered extensive positive attention across varied media formats that includes radio, as well as online.

Midi Matilda was born of gifted musical poets Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé, who serendipitously met in college in 2008, while learning the production skills they would ultimately use to form this innovative and self-contained project. They have been making music together since, and ever evolving in their collaborative sound. Their refreshing style brings together the best of live instrumentation, synthesizers, gorgeous vocals, and the open spaces of consciousness, to take all who listen on a journey into the ether.

Roadkill Ghost Choir

"If you didn't have standard pop music as a reference, what would your pop music sound like?" Jonathan Bates asked himself this very question, and the answer, he found through his discovery of his solo project, Big Black Delta. 

Originally from Venezuela, Jonathan Bates found his way to Miami, Florida at the age of seven. At seventeen, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. In late 2000, he decided Berklee was not for him and found a better "home" couch surfing in Los Angeles, all because of a girl. 

Through his exploration of LA, he started the band Mellowdrone, who put out several EPs independently as well as an LP on Columbia Records. Feeling as though he was drowning after the last Mellowdrone record, Bates decided to take a long break from the "band" aesthetic. He felt the need to create something different, without any rules, in hope it could expand his consciousness. He bought a used laptop from close friend, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, SONOIO) and began sound-designing and circuit-bending to make original, simple music. By doing everything slightly wrong in the studio, on purpose, Bates set out to make music that wasn't bound by gravity. He didn't limit himself instrumentally either. "Give me anything, and ill make it work. Especially if it's stringed," Bates noted. This musical re-discovery, combined with Bates' favorite dinner table conversation, UFO folklore, and the Big Black Delta project was born.

As a successor to the debut EP BBDEP1, Big Black Delta's debut LP BBDLP1 will be released on September 26th on Coming Home Records. Citing "being out of tune" as a muse, the songs on the album are the spawn of Bate's imagination and inspired musical exploration. It was recorded entirely on the used laptop from Cortini in and all over Los Angeles, from assorted apartments and friends' houses to backyards across the city, often at all hours of the night. Guests on the album include Cortini, who played his buchla on "The Zebrah," as well as Morgan Kibby (M83, White Sea) whose vocals are featured on "Dreary Moon."

"Snare tones are more important than guitar tones," Bates explains in an interview with Kevin Bronson on what his foray into electronica has revealed. "It's amazing how one simple sound can change everything, but using just that one tone can make a song sound like it comes from the '80s." About the first song released from the LP, Bronson praises, "BBD's banging track 'Huggin & A Kissin' sounds like Every Eighties Band We Loved."

Outside of constantly envisioning new songs for Big Black Delta, Bates continues to be called upon to collaborate. He has been extensively involved with M83, having been a part of the band as a touring guitarrist, recording vocals for their upcoming album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, as well as teaming up with the group for a remix of Daft Punk's "Fall" featured on the Tron Legacy Soundtrack: R3CONFIGU3D. Bates also co-produced "Mountaineer" and "Lady Killer" for the band White Sea (Morgan Kibby of M83) and often writes and performs with them. As for other collaborations with friend Alessandro Cortini, Bates was featured on his solo project SONOIO's track, "Houdini," and also did a remix of the song which was released on SONOIO's remix album.

Although Bates likes to create his soundscapes in the modest confines of his home studio, the live show is an experience unto itself. Live vocals, dancing, orchestrated light show, and dueling female drummers (Mahsa Zargaran and Amy Wood). Need we say more?

Boots Riley

Boots Riley is a co-founder of the politically powerful hip hop group the Coup, which became a cultural flash point after September 11 (Their album Party Music was to be released on 9-15-01 but was pulled because the cover depicted turntables in the foreground, and the exploding World Trade Center in the background - talk about bad timing!).

Riley's activism – from local issues to international ones such as being an organizer of the World Conference Against Racism - has set the standard for political organizing among hip hop artists. The focus of Boots' lectures uses a revolutionary class analysis to examine the relationship between the commercialization of hip-hop music and culture and US economic imperialism and racism. Boots takes audiences on an international journey through the less orthodox histories and movements of hip-hop, including a screening of Eating Forever - a short hip-hop travelogue Boots shot in South Africa during the "Black August" Hip Hop tour and the World Conference Against Racism, that focuses on Kwaito, a controversial movement of South African hip hop.

Boots draws on his two decades of creating radical social change in a lesson on approaching grassroots organizing through music and culture. From his history of student organizing in Oakland's public schools, to serving on the central committee for the Progressive Labor Party, being the President of InCAR (International Committee Against Racism), and organizing to build California's Anti-Racist Farm Workers' Union, Riley has been an integral part of the progressive struggle for radical change through culture. He developed "guerrilla hip hop concerts" (mobile concerts on flat bed trucks) and produced "audio hip hop newspapers," tens of thousands of which were distributed to the Oakland community. He co founded the Young Comrades in 1994, a politically oriented community group that staged free concert - rallies and dedicated itself to working on material reform issues.

This is an empowering and eye-opening opportunity to interact and strategize with one of the most influential and outspoken figures in the hip-hop community fighting for social justice today.

John Beaver

John is no stranger to playing alongside MASSIVE talent and has opened for Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, The Thrillseekers, Benny Benassi, Andy Moor, John O Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Steve Aoki, Aly & Fila, Ronski Speed, Darude, Blank & Jones, Kyau & Albert, Deepsky and has headlined countless events throughout California!

Friday night you’re in a club and you find yourself in the room where the energy is low, music is lifeless and so is the DJ crouched behind his laptop stiffly punching buttons. You notice the crowd is migrating to another room, the big room where John Beaver is playing, so you go along. Within moments you’re dancing with a stranger you’ve never met, singing and chanting with the crowd amongst you, the DJ is grinning from ear to ear handing out CDs like a rock star. You kick back for a moment and realize this was the “night out” you’ve been longing for months and that DJ John Beaver gave it all for you tonight . . . (cont)

Eliquate is a live alt indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA, comprised of MC Elliot Wright, Producer/Guitarist Jamie Schnetzler (Snack-One), joined by bassist Cosmo Stevens, drummer Dan Wells, and Tanner Christiansen on Monome/Keys/Samples. Blending Hip-Hop production and ethics, with the high energy of an amped up rock show, the group turns any venue into an engaging and intelligent party. Drawing from Jazz, Folk, Electronic, Funk/Soul, and Psychedelic samples and influences, the sound comes out enticingly eclectic yet vaguely familiar.

There once was a dreamy-eyed lass and only punk rock and hardcore could make her shake her ass. One day she was walking around the block when she heard a boombox play hip hop. She started dancing and yelling YAAAAY but fell over and landed in a pile of dancehall-reggae. Reggae covered her eyes and face when she meandered into a basement playing drum and bass. This music made her dance and shake her back until she thought she'd have a heart attack. Then an unknown mysteriously deep bass sound led her into a secret room where dubstep was abound. Deciding she'd already fallen in love with enough musics in this one day, she finally went home and had dreams of getting thizz faced and riding the whip with Mac Dre.

Going stoopid doo-doo dumb on the stage with the likes of ___insert name dropping dopeness here____ Smasheltooth intends to integrate inner-city raps with privileged producer slaps and spread musical butter over rumps across the globe in the name of Furl! Yadadaholla?

Please contact Steve at to book Smasheltooth for parties and events. Please check out for newer mixes and music!

Year of the Smasheltooth Tiger:
Too Hard for the Fucking Raindance:
Too Hard for the Fucking Radio:

The Coffis Brothers

We are brothers. One of whom strums on a guitar, blows on a harmonica and sings, the other also sings, while at the same time banging the living hell out of a keyboard. The former, and younger is Kellen. The latter and the older (if by age only) is Jamie. We are from a small town called Ben Lomond located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. If you ever visit the area, you'll know why we're in such a good mood.

Tess Dunn is an 18-year old singer-songwriter phenom who hails from Santa Cruz, California. Tess’ raspy vocals, mature piano compositions and alternative sound transcend her years. She started playing the piano at age 5, began writing songs at age 11 and first took to the stage at age 12. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), an incurable life-threatening disease which causes progressive lung damage, as well as epilepsy and diabetes, Tess faces issues of mortality that infuse her music and lyrics with radiant richness and haunting depth.

From between the Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean emerge ANCESTREE, a Santa Cruz Roots-Rock-Reggae Band dedicated to Positive Vibes, Consciousness Raising, Community Building, Love and Support, and achieving Equal Rights and Justice through Unity, Music, Truth, and Culture.

ANCESTREE deliver a PREMIER LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE! The band has performed at festivals including THE SAN FRANCISCO REGGAE FESTIVAL and REGGAE IN THE REDWOODS FESTIVAL. Featuring keyboard, saxophone, Latin percussion, three part harmonies and a thundering rhythm section; Ancestree move your body, heart and spirit!

Little John

One of the ubiquitous fixtures of the Northern California music scene, Little John is more than just a DJ or an icon, he is a force of nature.

Few dare to dive into multiple genres with such intensity, knowledge, and savviness. An extraordinary DJ, producer, remixer, and music historian, he is a creative talent who musically transcends limitations and genres. Whether he's playing Tech-House, Mid-tempo, Future Bass, or Booty Slap, this innovator unites factions and taps into new levels of creativity just for the art of it. His discerning ear, musically open mind, and the ability to read the crowd and mix the vibe is what sets him apart from the pack. It is a truly unique approach that must be experienced.

He got his start in the creative hot bed of the mid 90’s San Francisco underground House scene, and the incredibly diverse Santa Cruz free party scene. He became a resident of the legendary 13 Moon Tribe, while pioneering the wildly successful Raindance events, which are all still going strong today. Little John has played along side many other first-class musicians, and is regularly requested, with such acts as Bassnectar, Tipper, Mark Farina, A.Skillz. and Fort Knox Five to name a few.

Current musical projects include collaborations with Takuya Nakamura of Cocorosie, and tapping into his gypsy roots, birthing his alter ego Gudada, performing Gypsy Swing, Balkan Beat and Camel Krunk.

One of the dominating names in the San Francisco Bay Area live music scene, Forrest Day and his phenomenal five piece band, complete with bass, drums, keyboard, guitar, and the incredibly talented singer/sax player/songwriter, Forrest Day, are absolutely of fire right now. They are selling out many of the large venues in The Bay Area and have just come of their successful first National Tour. They are a genre-defying band, supported by a sound that draws from hip-hop, punk, reggae, pop, circus music and jazz. Day's lyrics are relevant and political, humorous and insightful. Their live shows consistently amaze audiences with their high energy, intensity, and their very danceable songs. A few limited edition copies of their new full-length, self-titled album are available at their shows, with a full-blown, world-wide release scheduled for March, 2011.

Hello everyone!
My name is Sam F and I am a producer from Berkeley, Ca. I currently reside in Santa Cruz, where I study art and electronic music production at UCSC. I have a DJ residency at Motiv SC every thursday and play shows frequently in the SF bay area. I have played alongside acts such as Krewella, Zion I, Designer Drugs, Bare Noize, Flinch, Candyland, Megalodon, Crizzly, Figure, Ill Gates, and many more.

My music has been supported by large acts such as The Lonely island, Crizzly, etc. My remixes have received radio play on Power 106 LA, and been dropped at Massive shows such as Nocturnal Wonderland. My Official Remix of The Lonely Island's single "Yolo" will release on Universal Republic as a part of their limited edition 7 inch LP for Record Store Day on 4/20/2013! Stay posted!!

If you like what you hear, please spread the word and show your friends!
-Sam F

The McCoy Tyler Band

You can call it alt. country, you can call it modern folk--but no matter what label you put on it, in the current climate of popular music The McCoy Tyler Band's songs are refreshingly lucid, rootsy, and at times downright danceable. With influences ranging from Neil Young to The Devil Makes Three, Townes Van Zandt to Railroad Earth, with a little Bill Monroe and Tony Rice thrown in for good measure, this progressive acoustic trio from Santa Cruz, CA will have you out of your seat and dancing in no time. Rooted deep in the customs of American folk music, The McCoy Tyler Band seeks to pay homage to such traditions while incorporating their own unique style of lyricism, instrumentation, and performance. Their motto (in the words of David Grisman): "Any tradition results from free thinking."

Hi my name is Jake Bratrude, I'm 22 and I like to make all kinds of music.

Go on now, Boogie down brothers and sisters! Tater Famine is a group made up of two dudes and a lady dude that play guitars, mandolin and upright bass. This band was built to rock your dirty socks into a good time washer and dryer. The band; Johnny Dodds, Matteo Brunozzi and Laurenzo Burman. To find out more visit them at

Clark Kent: Blending the nearly perfect, vividly melodic and breathtakingly diverse potential of electro and dubstep, Tal Levy or Clark Kent, 20 year old native of California, has definitely set to make his mark on the electronic music scene. Citing Bassnectar as an early influence in his taste and production, he’s put his musical background in guitar and piano towards creating incredible remixes as well as original productions that are sure to propel him to the forefront of his precocious class of the up and coming peer group of producers he finds himself in. As he makes strides both in musicianship and exposure, the future is definitely looking bright for Clark Kent.


POUNDERS are a rock/pop-punk power trio based out of San Jose, CA. Their style blends infectious melodies, catchy hooks, driving bass lines, and punchy songs with a dash of attitude. POUNDERS have a unique range of tastes that influence their music, including rock, punk, metal, dance, and hip-hop. The staple of the band is by far their live performance and the amazing energy they display to their audience. POUNDERS have taken the bay area music scene by storm and proudly wave the flag for the resurgence of rock and roll in California.

DJ ToneSol

A native of the Central California Coast, ToneSol learned his craft and became inspired durring the booming late 1990’s East San Francisco Bay Area Underground Rave/Hip-Hop Scene. Frequenting venues such as Oakland’s Home Base and Club Ibiza while rocking house parties and free concerts in Berkeley’s People’s Park, he quickly developed a love for the eclectic sounds of the time.

After about a decade of contently remaining a bedroom/house party DJ, ToneSol made the move to turn his passion for entertaining and music into more than just a past time in late 2009. In the short time span since deciding to play professionally he has found himself playing gigs at night clubs and parties all over Central California while holding down residencies at such renowned venues as Ruby Skye and The Grand SF, Club Axis in Santa Clara, Mountain Charley's in Los Gatos, The Catalyst Night Club and Motiv in Santa Cruz.

A graduate of the Architectural Design Program at UC Berkeley, ToneSol has developed a great skill at promoting himself and the other artists, events, venues, and companies he shares affiliations with. The company he operates with his fiancé Natalia Lockwood; NL Promotions Inc. provides a steady flow of opportunity and a diverse network of other entertainment related resources. This ensures that any party with ToneSol rocking on stage is always guaranteed to entertain.

CEO Wizardry. School is gnarly right now, almost done! Thanks for your patience.
~Much love~

Wizard Science // RINSED KREW // Depth

Dubstep/Trap/Juke/808/Hip-Hop/DnB/ GhettoBass/Grabbed'N'Dabbed/UKBass/
BootyTech/Skweee/Cheese/Bass Music

Oakland, California based electronic producer Matthew Suggett aka Insightful creates a lush off kilterd sound combining heavy bass with soulful melodies pushing beat music to new places. Insightful recently performed at one of the largest us festivals, Coachella. His latest remix album ‘The fondle package’ gained much priase from fans and collegues alike. it is hard to pin point a genre on this young up and coming producer when each track conveys a completly different emotion with nostalgic vocal samples and a futuristic deep grooves.


He now lives in Santa Cruz, and is using his DJ powers attained from his Bear Training to obliterate stages up and down the west coast. His buildups tantalize brain cells, his melodies moisten the most parched, arid panties. His Drops have laid waste to thousands, leaving millions more yearning for the sweet release of Euphoric Pleasure that can only be provided in front of sound systems of epic proportions, pumping the sweet nectar that is his music through every pore in their bodies. A wise man once said: "A coward would run from a Black Bear, a courageous man would stand up to a Grizzly.... but only foolish man would approach a DropBear".

Moon Cadillac

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Dane Jouras

Kyle Jouras is a DJ based out of Santa Cruz California. Being born on the West Coast he was immersed in vast variety of sound and music at a young age, but it was the uplifting and driving nature of house music that captivated him the most. After djing for only 2 years, Kyle is already making a name for himself up and down the coast. With gigs from Santa Barbra to San Francisco opening for the likes of Porter Robinson, Lucky Date, Betatraxx and Minnesota, Kyle is set to make a big jump in 2013 so keep your eyes on him

The Redlight District

The Redlight District is a psychedelic rock and roll quartet from Santa Cruz California. Their frenetic live performances blend elements of delta blues, jazz melody, and soul, weaving meticulously embellished, percussive guitar lines with dynamically intricate rock-organ. Thompson brings a relentless battery of off-kilter rhythms to the table, locking in with Leitner’s bass hooks. These provide a backdrop for Sams’ baritone croon, which moves from tranquil melody into peaking, manic wails. Originally forming in Monterey County, they completed their lineup in Santa Cruz and have gone on to perform up and down California, garnering a dedicated and rapidly growing following around the central coast. They have since opened for larger touring acts like Menomena, performed radio appearances on KZSC, and were voted one of the top bands to see at the Santa Cruz Music Festival by the SC Weekly in 2013. Their first release is the Dirty Magazine EP.

Jesus and the Rabbis

He was born on a cold, wet, unforgiving night in early January, 1864. His parents, both slaves from Missouri, looked down on their first born son with the hope that someday he would do great things, and eventually, their hopes were realized. The man born that day would go on to make great strides in agricultural science, as well as giving the African American farmers of the south a diverse set of crops to replace their destructive cotton plants. That man was named George Washington Carver, and he is not a member of Jesús and the Rabbis, so fuck him.

Jesús and the Rabbis were once a phoenix born from the ashes of a thousand funky dreams. They were Jesús the hat, wielding his bass of slap damnation, and Joshua the wet, who used his glory axe to weave beautiful melodies around the fair bitches of the land. They met many a fine drummer on their adventures, but all were slain by the powers of distance, education, or hepatitis. The men thought that all chances of reaching the summit of Red Hot Mama Mountain were lost, but then, through the dense fog of a San Francisco morning, our funky friends saw a grooving light shining brighter than a thousand gay suns. The source of that light was Christopher Cookies Kelly, master skin slammer and head bob aficionado. With their powers of groove united, the group burned their way across the west coast of the United States in a way unseen since the fall of the Tupac Kingdom.

Ultimately the band reached their goal of Red Hot Mama Mountain, and what they found was a surprise to all. The woman there was small in stature, and strange in demeanor, but more powerful in voice than any white woman seen in ages. When asked her name, all the woman could say was WYYYYSSSEEE, and thus the band was complete. To this day the band can be seen throughout the world, and should they come to your town it is vital to your very survival that you put on your dancing shoes, lock up your daughters, and come the funk down.

Dewey and the Peoples

Dewey and the Peoples is a five-piece music group reigning from the San Francisco Bay Area. Like Bob Marley, the basis of their tunes is a rootsy reggae feel while incorporating ska/rock/punk/pop and r&b. The rhythm section of the band comes from a background of jazz, while the guitar stems from a more ska/punk influence. Dewey, the poster boy, vocalist and band leader keeps the vibes irie with his lyrics and songwriting. Many different factors including love for life, people, and music make Dewey and the Peoples a unique group that is continuing to blow minds daily.

Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks started out on Technic 1200's spinning vinyl at 17 years old. She has since developed her sound to be a fusion of hip hop and electronic music. Ruby had two residencies at the age of 18 in San Diego, CA. She then went to college in Santa Cruz to become a banana slug, studying film and digital media. Even with the demanding scholastic workload, music was Ruby's number one priority. She entered herself into a Red Bull Thre3style contest and won second place. Ruby then became a resident DJ at MOTIV Santa Cruz, where she spun every other Thursday night. Since graduating, she has landed in Los Angeles, CA to further pursue her life as a DJ, Producer, and Entertainer.


Every once in a great while, God-given talent and geographical proximity combine to form a kind of perfect storm of artistic expression, a superhuman movement that shocks the world. Cubism, for example. Or the Wu-Tang Clan. After all, John Lennon and Paul McCartney are both musical geniuses, but what's extraordinary is that they were in the same band. With George Harrison. When they were in grammar school. I mean, seriously, what are the odds on that? Well, my friend, all I can say is brace yourself, because it's happening again. The tide is turning. The planets have aligned. So take off your haterpants, put on your gold chain, and get ready to love rap again—Rec-League is in the building.

"Solwave pride themselves on their inability to be categorized, and while this claim has plenty of truth, it's primarily due to the band's willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres rather than their making music that's actually uncategorizable. On their EP, Out Of The Mayhem, the San Francisco quartet maps out a defined space within the pop music spectrum and proceeds to explore every nook and cranny of it. 'Fire It Up' and 'Voodoo At High Noon' are sweaty arena rock, with titanic drums and omnipresent Hot Fuss synth buzz; "Ride" is a dance-rock rave-up; "Shuffler" is heart-on-sleeve power pop...'Voodoo At High Noon,' sounds like the '70s and the '00s put in a blender with the lid off." --SF Rebirth Blog


Hailing from the age of giant beasts who roamed the earth, Zaggasaurus brings you colossal bass frequencies unearthed from the depths of gravel and volcanic dust left behind by the meteor which nearly put our planet to rest. The emotions felt throughout his sets pierce deep into your soul and grab hold of the primal nature within you. Focused on deep bass and musically ethereal melodies, this dinosaur stomps and womps over all that is unnatural, destroying the boundaries and social constructions holding humanity back from its transcendental nature.
Though you will mostly see him wading through the cosmic matrix in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, he is making great strides towards the distance where signs of his ancestors are often heard and honored as deities, calling on all bass-heads to unite and spread the ideology of the divine. Through his Santa Cruz based tribal gatherings, under the guise of Primal Productions, he is able to disperse art, music: #, and philosophy of Jurassic proportions and deeply spiritual importance. Soon there will be none left out of the reaches of the Primal community and its wisdom.

Some say LUCXKE emerged from the murky, stagnant depths of bayou country; called forth by ancient forgotten rituals of fire and song. Others say on nights when the moon is engorged with light of the sun he can be found far from the city lights, shrouded in the towering redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. This classically trained orchestral bass player was raised in the lush musical environment of Louisiana and now brings his musical prowess to the ever-evolving field of bass-centric electronic music in Santa Cruz and the Bay area. He can often be heard creating and playing cutting edge bass music in venues around the Bay including Santa Cruz's own Motiv, where he is a resident with Primal Productions and Depth.

Planet Booty

Planet Booty is a force to be reckoned with. Having started as a genre-defying concept album by brothers Nathan and Dylan Germick that blends electropop, sci-fi synths, space funk and booty bass, the project has evolved into a live show of epic proportions. The 6-piece ensemble fuses electronics, drums, percussion, horns, marimba, guitars, and soulful singing (with a splash of choreography and theatrics) to create a hyper-charged and highly entertaining dance party experience.

Having quickly earned a reputation as one the Bay Area's must see live acts, Planet Booty performs regularly at venues such as The Rickshaw Stop, Bottom of the Hill, Café du Nord, Red Devil Lounge, and Oakland's Uptown. Their combination of high-caliber musicianship, adventurous arrangements, and good ol' fashioned funk is guaranteed to raise a smile and get booties bouncing.

Rubber Legs+DJ Hersh

Two turntables and a microphone. DJ Hersh spins the records, Rubberlegs spits the lyrics. A collaborative concept piece titled Up Late to be released late July 2013 featuring Rubberlegs as m.c./arranger, DJ Hersh as DJ/co-arranger, and Ghost Hour as producer. Currently working with producer Daoud Anthony on a collaborative album.

DJ Hersh


Vultures At Arms Reach formed in early 2011 with the intention of being a Misfits cover band. However, that first practice slowly turned into a Black Sabbath style jam session. Plans for the next practice changed drastically. The post-metal, sludge based fury ensued.

In May of 2011, VAAR released their first EP. Over the course of a year it received rave reviews, radio airplay from the UK to Australia, and Russia being the highest downloaded country with over 800 and counting.

The band took a three month hiatus as they awaited the return of their bassist Nate Kotila, who took off to Scotland. VAAR were back in the saddle by June 2012, and then recorded and released their second EP, which the band feels is more intense and focused than the previous release. The first three days of the new released towered any response they received in the first three months of the prior EP.


Known for her dynamic performances, ranging from House and Electro to funky booty Breaks with a dash of Hip Hop and Dubstep thrown in, divaDanielle started her life as a DJ after catching a record that Darren Emerson (of Underworld fame) threw into the crowd in 2003. What she lacks in height she makes up for in spunk and red-headed fury. Combining a love of evil, unicorns and some of the dirtiest, funkiest, ass shakinest music this side of the Mississippi, she stalks the underground, unleashing rainbow-infused beats through a wave of mischief and music. She has shared stages with the likes of Krafty Kuts, Elite Force, TJR, Charles Feelgood, A. Skillz and many more. As co-founder of the popular Summer day party series, Shade, she developed a distinctive multi-genre sound that always shines through and in 2011 became the music curator for the Charlie the Unicorn Art Car. This year, divaD released her first 2 tracks: Can I Get a...Shadow (Unicorns ♥ Booty Mash-Up) and $pend My Money (divaDanielle Remix). With the skillful observation that comes with years behind the decks, she manages to fill the dance floor, keep it going and make it look easy!

Let’s just say, they don’t call her DIVA for nothing!

Magic Bronson

Magic Bronson is an Alternative/Electronic duo from Los Angeles made up of producers Michael Nicastro, and Matthew Lieberman. Magic Bronson creates a unique dance sound, that utilizes Nicastro's vocals, and Lieberman's live bass, as well as synth's and programmed drums. The duo is set to release their debut EP "Nor'easter" May 28th on Woodlake Records. be contiued...

We've been together for allmost 14 years now, and have been fortunate enough to play with such bands as AGENT ORANGE, DI, THE AGGROLITES, DR.KNOW, CIRCLE JERKS, SMUT PEDDLERS, GUTTERMOUTH, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, FEAR, PSHYCOSOMANTIX, ... (I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody)... we can also be heard on various radio stations and TV shows through out the country....

Arden Park Roots

APR is quickly becoming a common name in the huge California rock/reggae scene, a scene which seems to be spreading all over the country. It was evident as their tours got longer and further away in 2011. And their 3rd full-length album, "Pipe Dreams" debuted at number 2 on the iTunes reggae charts. Produced by legendary producer Scott Mathews, this Junior release is expected to receive enough attention to catapult their careers. APR has 6 major awards under their belts including the Sacshows Local Music Awards two years in a row for "Best Reggae/Rock/Funk band." Look for them to roll through your town in 2012 as their tour schedule will span all the way to the east coast and possibly overseas! Pick up the new album on iTunes or just about any other web outlet! "We take the turn, medicate when we burn... relax, it's a pipe dream." -APR

A-Fox is a House Music project by DJ/Producer Adrian Haskell, co-founder of Blockhead Entertainment infusing Bay Area hyph, Detroit groove, and Chicago bounce into a custom tailored house music sound.

Coming Soon

Brothers Amor

Somewhere on a corner in oakland there is a room full of keyboards and tape decks, chessboards, ash and empty bottles. Stacks of vinyl line the floor, a random selection gives you; "Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass", "silly songs and modern lullabies" and "drum library vol. 4." littered amongst them are bart cards, grip tape, backwoods, microphones and empty pens. Ladies and gentlemen, The Brothers Amor. Abacus and Lord Cromwell, birthed of windmills and wine, are giving us what we want to hear, not only a blessed up beat and a soulful sound, but also an open invitation to a time where the music is funky, the people are real, and love is back.

Homeless is an independent hip-hop artist from Minnesota, who started making music in 2006, after a short stint in the national spoken word and slam poetry scene.

Coming from a midwestern background and releasing singles and mixtapes with a variety of producers, Homeless has also been featured on popular hip hop blogs including 2DopeBoyz and the Minneapolis City Pages music blog Gimme Noise.

Homeless, brimming with curiosity, is in the process of trying to save the world, while knowing that he can't. He hopes that you'll seek him out and speak with him. He'd like that very much.

Dysphunctional Species

When hill kid/rapper/entrepreneur Ian G(Ian Gleason) approached drummer/producer Prometheus Glover to put together a deeply groove oriented, conscious music project, as medicine for the new millennium, planetary healing through an imagined "future primitive sound", Glover assembled a crew of extended family from within his North Coast community. Close friends from childhood, Jameson Hodder, Andrew Johnston and Ian G wielded the mics,and Glover stocked the back line with members of norcal reggae sensation Makka and his bandmates from the astonishing Grand Junction,a raging Sonoma based funk orchestra which included Adam Theis and renown guitarist/singer/songwriter Eric Lindell...

My Satellite throws a wall of sound at you that picks you up and moves you. Vocal harmonies and vast instrumentation create a thick sound that is fresh and unique.

Daddy Long Legs

The Baron of Bass on the Wheels of Steel.
Representing Wizard Science.

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum plays a homespun brand of soulful Americana they like to call bootcut boogie, cosmic country, and roadhouse rock n'roll. Fronted by singer-songwriter David Glasebrook, the group evokes Tony Joe White and Creedence Clearwater Revival, Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers, Crazy Horse and The Band, Townes Van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson, Stax and Excello.

But what do they sound like? Deep Ellum sounds like the lazy Mississippi slowly rollin' by on a southern summer afternoon; like the locusts singing at the close of a long day; like a stone-cold trucker barreling down the highway at 110 miles per hour; like a lonesome drifter wailing on his harmonica; like car wheels on a gravel road.

Since playing their first show in May 2011, a sold-out show in their hometown of Santa Cruz, Ca, the band has performed regularly, sharing stages with Howlin Rain, Vetiver, Fruit Bats, Moondoggies, Magic Trick, The Romany Rye, The White Buffalo, Sic Alps, The Parson Red Heads, and others. The group's new record "Welcome to Deep Ellum" hit stores in late autumn 2012--available on 12" 45 rpm vinyl and CD, as well as digital downloads.

Temple of Europa

We are a younger Doom/Metal band from Santa Cruz, Ca. Check out our bandcamp to sample our music.

Scissors for Lefty

Scissors For Lefty is a San Francisco Band with a sophisticated pop style combining elements of Indie, Yesteryear, & Dirty Glam. They are about as playful as an arty pop band can get: melodies in between melodies, dance-rock guitar, glittery keyboard, disco bass, galloping propulsion from a 6 foot 10 drummer, all fronted by heavy-breathing tales of poignant relationships and counter-culture glow. Cute, sexy, and a little terrifying.

Scissors For Lefty has played all over the United States and the United Kingdom, including tours with the following bands: Arctic Monkeys, Dirty Pretty Things, Erasure, Smashing Pumpkins, Metric, Panic at The Disco, Blonde Redhead, The French Kicks, Locksley, The Matches, The Fiery Furnaces, Semi Precious Weapons, Kaiser Chiefs, Rykarda Parasol, Elephone, Black Heart Procession, Suffrajette, The Pigeon Detectives, Paolo Nutini, Ben Kweller, Juliette & The Licks, Grandaddy, The Bravery, Erase Errata, The Cribs, The Bloody Heads, White Lies, Mr. Loveless, The Frail, The Trims, The Hundred Days, and more...

Their anticipated 3rd album is scheduled for release in 2013. If you want to be a part of it's MARKETING SUCCESS, reach out to us ASAP!!

Equal Eye is an upcoming artist coming out of San Francisco. His lyricism constantly pushes the boundaries of what is considered rapping, and has reached out to all genres to influence his music. He is looking to the future and has chosen to branch out of typical hip hop music and work with musicians who have never even worked with a rapper before. The music that is coming from Equal Eye is something that you have never heard before.

The Gutz

Recently formed with members from The Crutch, Tater Famine, Fire Whiskey, 30 Years War and few more from our past. Based out of Santa Cruz, Ca.


Down a dark alley in Santa Cruz, you can find Numerous spitting flows off the top over a beatbox re-kindling roots with the soul of Hip Hop. Sometimes you'll see him on stage beatmatching his production on the wheels of steel cuttin' up his vinyl. If it's 3am, you'll probably find him in his studio with a pot of coffee and a madman grin on his face as he spews out another boom bap beat.

No matter where or how you find him, he's always got mind-bending lyrics and over-the-top showmanship to entertain the critically-observant thought-provoking music lovers.

Those looking for your standard "Hip-Pop" self-glorifying, studio-gangster, mainstream facsimile status-quo basura will be severely disappointed. If however you are amongst those of us who seek music for the soul from the soul... this ish is for you.

Numerous has opened up for a lot of people, and if we felt like boosting his ego we'd list them here (but we don't).

The former front-man of the Hip Hop/Electronica fusion live band "Vibrant EYEris" is now doing his thing at venues throughout California and pretty much anywhere else people want to hear his slightly-schizophrenic tangent-driven lyrical firestorm.

Peep out his latest album, mixtape, single or whatever the hell he just dropped... it's probably dope.

If you see him at a venue or cypher near you, pull out an object from your pocket and have him freestyle about it... he loves that shit.

May the bass be with you.

Stormy Strong

Sinking in deep with an unforgettably addictive sting, Stormy Strong's (real name) unique brand of "alternative saltwater rock" casts razor sharp hooks to the hungry masses. Stormy's honest bitter lyrics, raw emotion and anthemic melodies splice seamlessly with award winning song-writing that is fast approaching gale-force intensity.

Stormy's brand new EP "Take Her Down," recently recorded with music industry icons Lyle Workman (Frank Black, Sting, Todd Rundgren, Beck), Sean Beavan (Black Veil Brides, Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails), Tim Narducci (Systematic, Spiral Arms) and Chris Manning (Jellyfish), is already making waves across the internet.

The album's single "Jumpstart The Heart" was chosen as #1 in "Rick's Picks 2012" on Chicago's renowned "The Best Radio YouHave Never Heard" podcast, which also included songs from Smashing Pumpkins, Regina Spektor, Arcade Fire and Rage Against The Machine. Plus Stormy's unique cover of The Pixies, “Where is My Mind?” has been popular on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Mog and iHeart Radio.

Almost Chaos is a rock/reggae band from Santa Cruz, CA. Members include local teens: Jose Picazo, Derek Mather, Mack Hesson and Liam Gillespie. They were voted one of the top ten teen bands in the United States by "School Jam USA" in 2010 and 2012, they were invited to play at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim CA. And again in 2012 at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. The four member band came together in 2008 at just 11 and 12 years old, through a community music program called "Be in Your Own Band". With the guidance of Nat Condit-Shultz the young musicians released their first CD in November of 2009. With seven original songs the band soon began playing at local events. "One gig led to another" says Jose Picazo and soon the band was scheduled for over 100 gigs in 2009-2010. Since then the band has raised over $40,00.00 for local schools and community charities, including "Jacobs Heart".
Almost Chaos has been recognized by the Mayor of Santa Cruz and Congressman Sam Farr for their "contribution to their community". It has been their pleasure to play at "the Catalyst, the Crows Nest, Britannia Arms, the Rio Theater, the Monterey Strawberry Festival, the Monarch Butterfly Festival, Your Music Magazines/Music Olympiks and School Jam USA (just to name a few)". Their second CD titled: "Your Time Has Come", is scheduled for release in spring 2013 and will include 9 original songs.

Peach Street

Ryan Walsh
William Mosgrove
Phillip Thomas
Stephan Roubinian
Steven Kennedy
Nathaniel Kennedy
Mehran Najaffi

Sarah Mays

Sarah Mays is a multi-talented performing artist and instructor from Santa Cruz, California. Early in life, Sarah found a deep love and passion for gymnastics and many styles of dance. In 2012, she began learning the foundations of aerial arts in Santa Cruz, California. Sarah is an impressive artistic force. She approaches the circus arts with grace and professionalism. With over twenty years of experience as a dancer and performer, she incorporates a strong performance background into her teaching style. Sarah loves to share her knowledge and passion for aerial fitness and dance with others. She is skilled in aerial silks, corde lisse(rope), pole, hammock, cube, fire dance, burlesque, choreography and most recently lyra(aerial hoop). As a professional aerialist, Sarah performs at many music festivals and works with several talented entertainment companies. Sarah is also the founder, creative director and lead choreographer of a local dance troupe, Gold Town Burlesque who specialise in fire and aerial entertainment. Keep an eye out for this star, you never know when you will catch a glimpse of her flying through the sky!

Multiple Organisms

A five piece experimental hip hop band, the Organisms bring together a mixture of musical tastes and styles to create a new sound all their own. Skeptik and Nic Classic write the rhymes, Scott dominates the bass spectrum, Jordan fills in the gaps with funky guitar, and Malcolm ties it all together with tight and concise drumbeats. Creatures from another world, they'll continue to mutate for as long as you let them....

The Saint Ides

Oakland Rock n Roll influenced by such likes as The Replacements, The Faces, Gram Parsons, The Clash, Tom Waits, The Supremes, and The Misfits.

Rock n Roll (by saying just Rock it makes you sound like Creed or Nickelback or some shit)

Nic Alea

Nic Alea is a Bay Area based queer/trans* poet, they host an open mic called the New Shit Show which focuses on the production of new work. They also help facilitate a creative writing workshop at Solano Juvenile Detention center with the Beat Within. Nic has been published in Word Riot, >kill author, and forthcoming in Muzzle Magazine. Nic is a 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow and will be featuring at the National Queer Arts festival in June 2013. They have just published their third chapbook, No Trees, All Pianos and put out a tape, Rattle in the Belly, on Most Gross Cassettes. Nic will be touring the Pacific Northwest this year.

Flowerbox Music

Jessica Rose was born in Maui, Hawaii, eventually moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where she graduated from high school. In 2003, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and attended Marylhurst University, eventually graduating with a Bachelors of Music Therapy degree and a Certificate in Flute Performance in 2008. As a flutist, Jessica has toured with festival orchestras and performed as a soloist since the age of 16, and studied privately with Beth McGraw in Arizona and with Lee Ann Sterling while at Marylhurst. While in Portland, Jessica was a member of the band B JAC W, co-fronting with Nat Buttrick of Public Groovement and sharing the stage with other members of the band such as Steve James (Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons), and Paul Ater & Howard Clarke (Afrodesiacs). B JAC W performed at private parties and festivals (Family Reunion 2004) and at local venues in Portland (Lola’s Room) before disbanding in 2005. Upon going solo, Jessica Rose has performed at weddings, private parties, festivals (Spiral Rhythms 2006 & 2007, Lavendar at Stonegate 2006 & 2007), open mics, and other miscellaneous events and venues around Portland, Santa Cruz, San Francisco/Bay Area, Mendocino County, and her residence in Petaluma/North Bay. Most recently, she has shared the stage/bill with world-class artists such RadioActive, NIAYH, 1,000 Fuegos, & Worth + Bondy.

Zack received his BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz before completing an internship with McSweeney's publishing. His writing has appeared in The Rumpus, The Believer, The Millions, and Goodreads. He is a staff writer for the music site Consequence of Sound and the director of graphic design for Book Passage bookstore.

DJ Fix-It

Radio host for "ANYTHING THAT GROOVES" here at KCSC radio, student owned and operated college radio at CSU Chico. My show highlights the funkiest groovin beats that keep your booty movin.

Entering Alwa Gordon's cozy rental, well-equipped with a flat-screen TV and nicely appointed kitchen, you might not guess it's home to an underground rapper.
But the 24-year-old is just that, and he appears on the verge of bigger things. Gordon just recorded three tracks in Las Vegas during a studio session at Future Music. The label is owned by well-established hip-hop artist Jason Boyd, also known as MDMA, whose credentials include writing singles for Usher and Chris Brown. The collaboration could throw the Santa Cruz native in the real mix, Gordon said.

"I'm not trying to be something that I'm not," Gordon said of his flirtation with music-business success. "As long as you're the best you can be, I think people are going to respect you."

So how can a Santa Cruz kid with no street credentials make it in the rap industry? Gordon said his flow stems from two life-changing episodes.

The first happened as a child, when his brother came home with an album from rap legend Tupac Shakur. Gordon listened to it every day, he said, playing the tune "Ambitionz az a Ridah" over and over.

The second kick came in high school, when best friend Krishan Simonpillie asked Gordon, an amateur poet, to join forces and form a rap group dubbed Can't Stop Us.

"I had always been a fan of expressing my emotions through words, but I had never thought to put them behind a beat," Gordon said.

Gordon has had his fair share of hard moments,

growing up in different places of Santa Cruz County, he said. Raised in a modest household, the singer recalls his family spent two years living in the back of an 18-wheeler.
"I chose rap because it spoke to me," Gordon said. "It kind of told me, You're not the only one going through that.'"

Can't Stop Us faded away during Gordon's post high-school years, and Gordon found himself working solo. He released a mix tape, dropped out of Cabrillo College and started juggling day jobs while producing music and videos on a shoestring budget.

Gordon now solely focuses on music, plotting a musical future after his Vegas adventures. His songs are based on past experiences and strikingly avoid some of mainstream hip-hops's tired topics like money and prostitutes.

"You don't have to be a gangster, you don't have to be a dealer, you can just be good at putting music out there," Gordon said. "My music is a piece of me, I don't hold anything back."

Elliot Wright

Elliot Wright is the front man in the indie/hip hop band Eliquate. In addition to performing with his band, he is a talented spoken word artist with the ability to capture you attention.

The Native Sibling

Though Ryan and Kaylee Williams have each been playing music since they were children, they have only now released their first batch of tunes recorded together. The brother-sister, indie-folk duo call themselves The Native Sibling—an appropriate moniker considering the two were both born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. "Growing up in Santa Cruz had a big influence on our music," Ryan says. "But it's one of those things that you don't really realize until you leave." Currently, the two live outside of this seaside town—Ryan in Venice Beach and Kaylee in Davis, where she is attending college. Santa Cruz is still home, although figuring out exactly what "home" means—in a deeper sense—has been tricky for the pair over the past few years.

"Home was something that kind of had to be redefined about four years ago," Ryan says. After the death of their mother, the members of The Native Sibling did a lot of soul searching. The result of that soul searching, he says, can be heard on their recently released EP, and is encapsulated well in the collection's lead single, "Follow Trees." A slow, mournful tune, "Follow Trees" wanders aimlessly through half remembered dreams. Percussion is subtle and understated but keeps a steady pulse. "Whistle to a dog with one response/ calling for the children all at once/ a moment gone too far, too far undone," Kaylee sings over mellow acoustic guitar strumming, banjo picking, and twangy, reverb-soaked slide guitar swells, as her brother occasionally supports her with forlorn harmony. The title of the track, "Follow Trees" almost begs for one more word: "Home." As if, perhaps, Kaylee were to follow the ancient redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, she might find that place where she grew up—perfectly preserved, just as she always remembered it.

- Nick Veronin

Dun Bin Had

DBH have been rockin since 2004. Starting off as a punk ska band taking influences from 90s bands such as OP-IVY, FYP, Rudiments, Grimple, Chrimpshrine, as well as other crusty pop punk and dirty ska bands. As of recently DBH has stepped away from the ska and are embracing their gutter pop style and epic fist in the air sing alongs. DBH has two records out ILL Timed Shananigins, and Booze Train, as well as a hand full of split 7 inchs and one self titled 7 inch. DBH is also no stranger to the road with five US tours as well as many west coast runs under their belts. We just are putting the finishing touchs on a new record (Any Given Moment) coming out on Vinyl and already out on cassette and download.

Cory Robinson is one of the fastest rising young comedy stars in the skies over the Bay Area. He has featured in shows alongside headliners Loni Love, Bryan Callen, Steve White, Steve McGrew, Mark Curry, and Mike Epps. Hailing from Seaside, CA, Cory is now the regular host of Planet Gemini’s Comedy and Dance Weekend in Monterey, CA. Finishing as a finalist in various Bay Area comedy competitions, and taking 2nd in the 2009 San Francisco Wharf Room Comedy Competition, Cory is making his way up the comedy ladder. In 2011, Cory took his talents cross country, advancing to the semi-finals in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA. He’s also performed at comedy clubs, colleges, and casinos up and down the western US. The skies prove no limit for this fast rising star.

Called "The Czar of underground comedy in Santa Cruz," by Good Times Weekly, DNA has his finger in a lot of pies. A well respected weekly room has grown over 9 years into a local phenomena with DNA at the helm. Creator of the web series Stand Up Santa Cruz: The Series, telling the tale of a love able group of loser comedians who turn failure into hilarity. Promoter of two comedy festivals (The Santa Cruz Comedy Festival

Brendan Lynch

Brendan Lynch performs at comedy clubs all over the Bay Area including the Punchline in San Francisco and the Improv in San Jose. He has worked with comedians such as Norm MacDonald and Mike Birbiglia. Brendan is a comedian who definitely on the rise.


Earnest was formed in the early summer of 2012 in Monterey, CA. The band is composed of Jack McClelland, Jacob Butorac, Harrison Spencer, and Alex Bezdjian. Earnest has been compared to artists such as Kings of Leon, Foster the People, and Vampire Weekend, but no one has quite been able to put their finger on what proper mixture of indie rock and folk Earnest creates.

Echo Street

After touring the world for several years as Damian Marley's guitarist, Jason Bryant decided to dedicate his time to studying Buddhism. Four years later he emerged with a deeper perspective and passion to play Reggae, Funk, and R&B. He then moved to Santa Cruz and met Peter Sawyer, songwriter and guitarist for San Francisco's improvisational rock icons Seconds On End. The pair became good friends and began writing songs together. Combining their melodies and lyrics with Bryant's ethereal voice convinced the two that they should form a band; thus, Echo Street was born.
Soon after formation, Echo Street enlisted R&B/gospel keyboardist and vocalist Elliott Nguyen (Buffalo Jump). Nguyen is classically trained as an opera singer and capable of bringing serious funk on keys. Funkmeister extraordinaire Brendan McQueeney (Second Floor Funk) locks in his drums with bassist Jesse Holsapple, who played in Distant Visions with Doobie Brothers bassist Tiran Porter, and with Soul Island featuring Grammy nominated vocalist Tammi Brown. McQueeney and Holsapple create a big groove for the band and audience to ride on. Echo Street focuses on creating unique stage shows featuring relentless, danceable grooves interweaving reggae, funk and soul.
Echo Street is now booking shows throughout Norcal; look for their unique brand of original and authentic reggae, funk and soul mixed with covers of songs by Bob Marley, The Temptations, and Curtis Mayfield to come to a town near you.

In the Bay Area, there is a lot of great new music coming out each week. Bands break up, new ones begin and the buzz ensues…That brings us to The Trims, a local San Jose outfit that has the loyal fanbase and buzz to take them beyond their locality and into a national “spotlight”. The Trims have a strong sound reminiscent of early Strokes and the brit pop of the 90′s, while also conjuring the swagger of artists like Joy Division. Blend that style with lyrics about all things scandalous, and you have the identity that defines The Trims. -Save Alternative


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