Kinetic Kino

Kinetic Kino

It's one thing to see dancers in the flesh. It's quite another to see them on film. Curated by Seattle based choreographer Shannon Stewart and filmmaker Adam Sekuler, this program of recent work by Northwest and Philadelphia film and dance artists presents a cavalcade of kineticism for the screen.

Jeremy Moss, 4 min, Philadelphia
A wild and hypnotic ride that focuses, via manic perspective shifts, on the driving movement of a solo figure against a backdrop of frenetically flickering colors. Silent.

turn out, turn up
Gabrielle Revlock, 6 min, Philadelphia
A story about people and places. Inspired by kayaks, flashing lights and other visible things.

Tori Lawrence, 9 min, Philadelphia
Set in a historic 18th century home and its surrounding fields, this dance on film is a quiet journey between two women, accompanied by the rich soundscapes of musicians Vicki Brown and Mona Chambers. It is for the wanderers of the fields who dwell in sadness, loss, and flight. And it is for those who are drowning, both inside and out.

Adam Sekuler, Daniel Mimura, Shannon Stewart, Rosa Vissers, Aaron Swartzman, David Wolbrecht, Meredith Horiuchi + Jeff Huston, 13 min, Seattle
A memento mori for a domestic environment found at this particular moment, in extremis. A series of rooms reveal an echo, a reverberation of their inhabitants, the home's lived past. Each movement conceals a personal life. It's choreography as travelogue of a single space; a home.

Jeff Huston, 12 min, Seattle
This film is an artifact. It emerges from the unfolding influences of surroundings, other artifacts, reflections of self, and the constraints of working alone.

Room With Themes
Jacob Rosen, Kate Wallich, 5 min, Seattle
From rooftops to riches she shines like a star, good girl meets bad girl, look out here we come.

Asher Woodworth, 9 min, New York
A documentary that follows a collective of young people who call themselves The Blue Sky Community who have been living outside the bounds of conventional society, in what they call "pirate utopias", for the past three years. The collective does not have a single leader, although they are strongly influenced by the radical philosopher Hakim Bey, Green Hermeticism, and the Gaia Movement. They describe their philosophy as a form of "sacred anarchism". (A work in progress)

The Third Floor
Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart, 11min, Seattle
The Third Floor paces through the remains of a six-story historic Seattle hotel exploring the notion that memory loss, as it is in people, is an essential part of dissociating identities in buildings and neighborhoods. A cascade of characters introduce themselves to create a false history of the hotel while carefully constructing a diorama of an unsettled mind.

Imaginary is Also Real
dir. Emily Sweeney, 12min, Philadelphia/London
We ask ourselves: What does it feel like to move as she moves? Which
Decisions would her body make at this moment?

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