Dichroics, Circle of Buzzards, Dead Stars


- Dichroics are a musical device which pulls energy from various forms of matter and anti-matter. Angular tonal prosthesis pass assorted waves of audio-magnetic radiation through slightly dusted amplification, along with tidal shifts of pulsating rhythmic patterns. Slap-back gutter poetics coupled with shortwave archaeological discoveries focus these sundry patterns into the metaphysically improbable pulsations now reluctantly defined by the Neolithic, Paleolithic, and Abecedarian communities as Dichroics. Though formed from elements cultivated in the parking lots of the fruited plains and within the coral reefs of inexplicable eastern accents, Dichroics are most commonly found in a forgotten bowling alley terrarium off on Broadway.

Circle of Buzzards

- Circle Of Buzzards is a two-piece band featuring Bob D'Amico on drums and Jason Loewenstein on bass. Their mission is to bring the listener to a direct understanding of silence, by illustrating its opposite. They have collectively played music with Sebadoh, Fiery Furnaces, Lou Reed, Robyn Hitchcock, Will Oldham, David Kilgour, and Richard Buckner.

"...Dead Stars have some immediately familiar sounds even on the first listen—Pixies' loud-soft-loud trademark, Built to Spill, Pavement and Hum when they decide to unleash the wall of guitars. Anyone claiming to be a fan of those bands should get this album today..."


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