Art In Heaven, 3 Ring Simian (closing set)

Art In Heaven

Art in Heaven is a musical being, never before manifested on this earth. Some have referred to it as “Jazz-Funk-Electro-Metal” or a more active descriptor: “Hard rock you can dance to”. Whatever words are used – none can quite illustrate the transcendent musical and performance power of Art in Heaven. Their philosophy is simple: Take the audience to heightened levels of exhilaration by use of dramatic dynamic shifts, multiple genres seamlessly interleaved, preposterously danceable grooves intermingled with fist pumping intensity, and soaring harmonic vocal interludes. A.I.H's goals have been affirmed by those who have crossed their path with the countless reiterations of: "I have never seen anything like this before". Come, bare witness to Art in Heaven.

3 Ring Simian (closing set)

3 Ring Simian is a psychedelic rock band based out of San Francisco California. This 3 piece instrumental group is comprised of Keyboard (Lauren Urroz), Drums (Vince Shore), and Bass (Kevin Ames). Their unmatched particular style of music binds together influences of Funk, Jazz, Blues, and Rock with a hint of circus monkey all wrapped into one. Every face-melting performance by 3 Ring Simian prove s whimsically unpredictable with their unique instruments of choice. Bass player Kevin Ames alternating between his heavy slappin' bass guitar and his futuristic electric stand up create a solid foundation in melodically complimenting Lauren Urroz's Nord Stage keyboard synth. Perfectly balanced and holding everything in place, is Drummer Vince Shore's world-wide influenced style in percussion with addictive tribal primal rhythms and saucy latin jazz timings . The combined 3 distinctive musical organisms contrive a certain musical magic that revolutionizes a performance into an experience. Band Interests Playing loud, playing fast, drinking wine, drinking whiskey, shredding and behaving as monkeys do.

Blood Party

Blood Party is an aggressive, experimental, instrumental, rhythmic duo. Combining a crunchy, peculiar, ambient array of tones, producing a cocktail of curious sound from its two band members: Ben Humphrey and Paul Wilson. Blasting through their live performances with bursts of warm, melodic, electronic compositions, followed by grinding, angry energetic beats of pure chaos that invite the listener to question how so much noise is being produced by two people. Blood Party's first seven song EP, "Blood Bath and Beyond," is available now.


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