Oro Oceans

Oro Oceans

New rock band from Denver, CO.

the Host Club

The Host Club was born out of the collaborative effort between brothers Aaron and Adam Elrod in early 2010. After 7 years of honing their indie/alt pop sound and
Emo-esque heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting, they began hitting the local music scene. The Host Club wants their listeners to feel personally connected to their songs and moved by their sound. They refuse to be easily classified and continue to push their musical/lyrical boundaries.

Brothers Aaron and Adam Elrod have been playing together for a number of years touring as the band "Toy Soldiers". As "The Host Club" the band has released only promotional material and has already begun to get attention from local radio stations and music periodicals.

In fall of 2012 the band will embark on a 16 city college radio promotional tour. They will also appear at a variety of popular venues at cities nationwide.

War Over Water

Indie band based in Denver, CO.

Harlequin Dreams

The story goes like this...

Paul Lehan met Brian Carpenter in the summer of 2012. Together they wrote some of Harlequin Dream's first songs. Still in its infancy stage, Aaron Shenk joined the group as the drummer but would eventually find his way to the bass where he would remain. Lastly, after a few months of writing songs and searching for a drummer, Eric Proctor sat on the throne behind the drums and the band was complete. Individual interests brought together to achieve a common goal, Harlequin Dreams looks to take Denver by storm with their unique sound, coupled with infectious lyrics. A surefire way to get you up and grooving.

Why Harlequin Dreams? Because Paul said so.


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