Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar is "a reaction to boring indie rock," Sean Tillman says, "and how people were taking themselves way too seriously, and any aspect of playing and touring was no fun after a while, and I realized if I go to a dance party and sing an R. Kelly song on a couch, the girls are going to go fucking crazy. So I started transferring that to the stage and doing more R&B oriented songs and it really was a no-brainer after I'd done it a few times. Like, 'why don't I just make this gross, why don't I just start writing songs like that?" And as soon as I did, it was obvious, it was like a light bulb went off and I went on my way and got more and more aggressive, and the shows became this weird exercise in sexual tension, and I really learned how to play with that fire and make it work for me.

Kitty Crimes (DJ Set)

Self-produced and diverse in talent, Kitty Crimes oscillates between her resonance with chest-puffed Rap and the vulnerability that exists in the lush soundscapes of R&B. A description would be incomplete without referring to more subliminal influences of groups including Dirty Projectors, James Blake, and Soko. An unbridled synthesis of these elements is reflected through the saturated beats, and...

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Press Quotes
"People emit so much love and give off an incredible amount of energy when Kitty Crimes is performing and that’s a beautiful thing. She draws the crowd inward and delivers a ferocious bang." -Tobias Kraus// Truly Rejected

"We think Kitty Crimes is deliciously sinful and we fully endorse this kind of behavior." -Denver Syntax

"Denver's Kitty Crimes is the poor man's female equivalent ... to the thoughts and the consciousness of "Yeezus." - Sean Moeller// Daytrotter

Tommy Metz

Growing up in Fort Collins and later moving to Denver, Electronic artist Tommy Metz, aka iuengliss (pronounced "eye-wen-gliss"), is heavily involved in the Denver and Fort Collins DIY/Indie music scenes, running Bocumast Records and releasing music with Plastic Sound Supply and Laserpalace. He is also one half of the Drill-n-Bass experimental duo Yawn Tron with drummer Shane Zweygardt.

Iuengliss has performed alongside Ulrich Schnauss, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Max Tundra, Phantogram, Deastro, Starfucker and many other local/national acts.

Press Quotes:
"Undergone quite the effort to craft his brand of constantly moving electro beats" - XLR8R

"Strafes jittery breakbeats with arcade firings and 8-bit melodies" - Textura

"The dark of space, warping and interrupting interstellar radio signals" - Westword

"manic day-glo glitchout" - The Onion

"blissful pop candy...'80s synth, club banger drums and positive energy mantra lyrics" - Westword

“Iuengliss’ Tom Metz crafts a melodic concoction of ambience, sighing vocals, and epic meloncholy." - The Onion

“The feeling of rising on a sunny day in early spring, after the snows have subsided and the burning heat of the summer is still weeks away...captivates the imagination while simultaneously refreshing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit with its meticulously crafted, gently cascading rhythms...effectively recalls Sigur Rós’s most beautiful moments...” - Westword


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